The Biggest Pressure Moment

The biggest pressure moment…wow, we were under pressure the whole time!

It was incredibly difficult having the elements bombard us with rain — the ground around us was like a mud bath.  During the challenge, it was really hard to control our cooking temperatures because the wind and rain were killing any heat that we had. I honestly thought none of us would get any decent dishes up. It was very stressful!

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I would definitely cook with gibnut again. I would love to be able to recreate that gibnut soup forever! It was incredibly flavorful, and adding the Anchiote paste gave it that extra kick. No wonder it was a winner of a dish.

I would also be interested to make sausages with the animal because the meat flavor is delicious and it’s got a very high fat content. It would make fantastic sausages. When meat has such good flavor like the gibnut, it makes for a very versatile protein.

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