Modern Day Mayans in Belize

I’ve been in “el mundo Maya” before, when I worked on ‘Survivor: Guatemala.’ There’s something about being in those ruins that evokes a kind of reverence. You find yourself imagining what it must have been like a thousand years ago, when what are now ruins were functioning cities teeming with people. The mysterious end of the Maya civilization adds to the almost spiritual experience of standing among the crumbling buildings.

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The modern-day Mayans are soft-spoken, friendly people who keep their ancient traditions alive while keeping pace with technology. The chefs were very respectful toward our hosts and enjoyed spending time with them and learning about their culture and cuisine. Shooting in jungles is always tricky, especially for the camera people who can easily trip over roots or smash into low branches, so kudos to the crew for making the best of a tough situation and coming through with flying colors!






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