Fear and Boating in the Bayou

Every situation on “No Kitchen Required” has pressure moments. It’s a tough physical test! In Louisiana we were in the bayou all day looking for crawfish, which was really hard.  It’s as challenging mentally as it is physically.

The bayou is a really beautiful, dark place. I was completely out of my element there, so it kept my adrenaline pumping! There was a really cool moment when everything seemed to be still and quiet, and I was able to see the beauty of the bayou. I was still very scared of being taken by a ‘gator though.

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The native challenge in Louisiana was really cool. We had to paddle the p-roll out into the water and pull up oysters on a line. I have been in kayaks before fishing and paddling, so I knew if I stayed strong and sat upright I had a good chance of taking out the challenge! Balance was the key.

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