Honored in Dominica

I have traveled all over the world, and Dominica is among the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen. Vibrant colors are everywhere. The people were so warm and welcoming, and they really embraced the concept of “No Kitchen Required.” The cast and crew felt like honored guests. It’s great when the local people are not only easy to work with, but are also genuinely interested in what we’re doing.

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As wonderful as Dominica was, we still had our filming obstacles. Shooting the cooking challenge on the cliff turned out to be very difficult when the weather set in. It was dangerous out there! There were splits in the rock that dropped straight down about a hundred feet to the ocean, and it would’ve been lights out if someone took a wrong step. The clay surface was slippery and treacherous, so we had to cordon off those areas and keep a close watch on everyone throughout the challenge. Nobody was hurt, but I wouldn’t want to shoot out there again in that weather!

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