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Episode 3

Trudi, who is guilt-stricken over her tryst with Chris, seeks emotional comfort from Katie, as she is unsure if she should come clean to Richard. After coming to terms with Dominic’s future plans with Alice, Siobhan looks to move forward with her life and takes Jeff up on his dinner invitation.

Jessica and Mark‘s financial issues are causing a growing rift between them. And when Siobhan lets it slip that she lent Mark the funds to support Jessica’s IVF treatments, a frustrated Jess realizes that her marriage is hanging by a thread. Could this be the end for couple?

Katie notices that she and Richard are getting dangerously close and makes it absolutely clear that she wants nothing more to do with him. A concerned Vivienne supports her daughter’s decision and also warns Richard to keep his distance. A distraught Katie decides that she needs to escape for a while, but an unexpected phone call with startling news prevents her from leaving.