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Episode 1

Dr. Katie Roden has been having an affair with John, one of her terminally ill patients, for the last two years. After John’s death, his son, Sam, approaches her at the funeral and tells her he’s discovered that his father had a lover. She denies all knowledge of an affair but fears her dangerous secret may not stay secret for long.

Siobhan Dhillon‘s marriage to Hari isn’t a bed of roses – contrary to what her friends think. Baby-making sex on a schedule is losing its appeal, and Siobhan is feeling neglected.

Recently widowed, Trudi Malloy bumps into Richard Dunlop, a divorced dad from her kids’ school. He asks her out on a date but she nervously declines.

Much to Jessica Fraser‘s disdain, she is handed the planning of a lesbian wedding as her next project at work and takes an instant dislike to Alex, one of the blushing brides.