Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick would have you believe he was born on the Starship Enterprise, the product of two red-shirts that quickly met their demise in a transporter lovemaking mishap. And that years later he was banished by the Federation to Earth after “inappropriate conduct” on the holodeck with a computer-generated Buffy Summers, aka “The Vampire Slayer.”

Truth be told, Chris is a very funny professional stand-up comedian and a self proclaimed nerd. He spends many weekends out of the calendar year using an electric amplification device, aka microphone, to make strangers in comedy club settings like him by telling jokes—most likely stemming from a deep-seeded need for attention that was forged during his tormentingly unpopular junior high school years.

Chris is currently building an evil nerd empire which includes a popular blog, The Nerdist, a top ten (sometimes number one) comedy podcast on iTunes, over a million followers on Twitter and a soon-to-be published book, “The Nerdist Way.”

Chris continues to host “The Nerdist” on BBC America, with a series of all-new original specials premiering Saturday, December 24th.

When he’s not setting out to conquer the world, Chris can be seen on the shows “Web Soup” and “Attack of the Show” as well as making regular appearances on “Chelsea Lately,” “The Soup” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

Chris resides in Los Angeles while enjoying salt & vinegar chips and “Doctor Who” marathons.