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10 Adorable Things Americans Do (According to Brits)

When in doubt, bib it. (AMC)

It’s time to take a breather from telling you about all the American things we Brits think are weird, daft or amusing. Some of the stuff they do is just plain delightful.

Summer in the States – Keeping Your Cool


Whatever their winters, many states in the U.S. experience significant heat in the summer.

Brunch, Baseball and Four Other American Crazes That’ll Drive You Crazy

The "pups in purses" scourge started in Hollywood and became a worldwide epidemic. Thanks America! (Photo: Solent News / Rex Features)

America has been at the forefront of innovation and cultural trends, but when it swings and misses, it really misses. Here are six U.S. crazes apparently thought up just to annoy Brits: