Premier League Football

2014-15 Premier League Preview: A Team-By-Team Analysis

What better way to nurse our World Cup hangovers than with the giddy anticipation and eager optimism that every new Premier League season brings? Debate is already raging amongst fans: can Manchester City retain their title?

Premier League Season So Far: Most Exciting in Years?

From a neutral’s perspective, this season’s Premier League is shaping up to be the most dazzlingly entertaining, beautifully unpredictable, and grossly absorbing in the division’s history.  Since the BPL’s inception a little …

Football vs. ‘Soccer': A Translation Guide for Brits and Americans

Football (or soccer, depending on which side of the pond you’re from) is just as vulnerable to Anglo-American nuances as any part of the special relationship.

Five Ways to Catch Premier League Football in the United States

We all know that the Brits give the Americans a hard time when it comes to football. Whether we are lamenting their use of soccer (a word actually coined in England) or their so-called misuse of football (again, coined in England and …