British Food

Food Memories: What Do You Miss From Britain?

For many British expats, there’s nothing like food to get us waxing lyrical about our childhoods or weeping softly into our expensive, imported favorite tea from home.  Just the mention of a Battenburg or Garibaldi brings fond …

10 Items You Should Stock Up on When You Visit Britain

Sure, expats can order the stuff we miss on the Internet, or even find it on sale in the U.S. But my local supermarket prices its British imports at twice to three times what I’d pay back home.

Food and Drink: 10 Things That Taste Different in the U.S.

From bread and butter to bangers and beer, so much American produce tastes nothing like the goods back home in Blighty.

WATCH: April Bloomfield Shows Us How to Prepare Lamb Chops with Chimichurri

In the third part of Anglophenia’s series profiling British chefs in New York – see our previous installments with Nobu’s Matt Hoyle and Chip Shop’s Chris Sell – culinary rock star April Bloomfield shows us …