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Should I Move to the ‘Burbs?: When to Ditch Urban America

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Right now, I can walk out of my Brooklyn front door and buy bubble tea in one of 17 refreshingly strange flavors. I can get a pedicure that’ll transform my gnarly trotters into feet that look like they’ve been airbrushed.

10 American Fast Food Chains You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving

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The U.S. is home to an estimated 160,000 fast food restaurants stuffing 50,000 customers full of meat, cheer and saturated fat every single day.

British Expat Parenting: The Trial of Having American Kids

Children with dual citizenship get the best of both worlds. (Fotolia)

Like many Brits in the U.S., I have children who, while being dual citizens and very comfortable in the U.

10 British Flavors Americans Will Never Widely Appreciate

Marmite: an acquired taste. (Photo: Newscast Limited via AP Images)

Always remember, dear reader, that one foodie’s weird is another foodie’s wonderful.

Editorial: Is Tipping in America Excessive? An Englishman’s Take

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The other night, bidding farewell to my guests following a meal, a heavy hand grabbed my shoulder from behind. It wasn’t an old friend who had spotted me from across the car park.

Toni Hargis: What I Miss About British Summers

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Don’t get me wrong: there’s lot to love about a summer in the U.S.—especially if you’ve just emerged from a brutal northern winter.

How NOT to Visit an American Dentist: A Brit’s Confession

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I realize now that I was laughably unprepared for my first oral examination by an American. One of my back molars has ached, on and off, for the last eight years. I mentioned this to a British dentist once.

A Matter of Taste: An Expat on Differences Between British and American Palates

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Sometime during the early 1990s, a new and exciting breakfast product appeared on the shelves of British supermarkets. I was aware of Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts thanks to American television shows, and when I saw boxes of them stacked into a ...

Summer in America: 10 Tips for Visiting Brits

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Most Brits in the U.S, will, at some point, have summer guests visiting from the Mother Country. While expats have become (somewhat) accustomed to life here, it’s often surprisingly alien to our visitors.

Are You Australian?: A British Expat Discusses Mistaken Nationality in America

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The other morning I was placing an order in my local bagel establishment when the sweet-looking elderly woman next in line accosted me. “You’re Australian, aren’t you?” she said with a knowing smile.