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10 Must-Have Items for an Extreme U.S. Winter

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If you’re in the top half of the U.S. over winter, you’ll notice that it gets a tad cold. If you’re new to the U.S., let me assure you that no, you never get used to it.

6 British Things Americans Admire

Colin Firth keeps a mean stiff upper lip in The King's Speech. (The Weinstein Company)

There are many things that Americans seems to like about us Brits and our culture. Far be it for me to blow the collective British trumpet, though; I asked a handful of Americans-in-the-U.K.

What NOT to Do at Christmas: A Guide for Brits


So, as we’ve said, Christmas in the U.S. isn’t too different from what we knew back in Blighty, but there are a few things worth noting.

7 British Food Habits Americans Will Never Understand


While the U.K. has undoubtedly embraced American food tastes and trends, with the introduction of TGIF and the like, the reciprocity has been a little slow.

6 American Food Habits Brits Will Never Understand

Marshmallows and veg? Oh no. Brits like their sweet and savory dishes separate. (Photo via Food Network)

Despite the fact that many American food trends are now global, there are still a few dishes that Brits here don’t do.

American Toilets: An Information Dump for Brits


These days, when a Brit in the U.S. says “loo” no one bats an eyelid although Americans might not be so au fait with bog, khazi or lavvy.

America’s Patriotic Songs: What Not to Do If You’re British

Hats on hearts. (Photo: AP Photo/Francis Gardler)

As most Brits know, the U.S. national anthem is “The Star Spangled Banner.

Tippling Teens: What British Parents in America Need to Know

Partying with underaged drinkers is not a good idea. (Dreamworks)

As the mother of young adults, I’m afraid I can’t dole out any pearls of wisdom since I’m flying by the seat of my pants. What I can offer, though, are a few warnings about alcohol rules in the U.S.

House Rules: Things You Can’t Do in the U.S.

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A lot of Brits are surprised at the amount of rules that govern just living in a house in the U.S. I’m not just talking about restrictions on loud parties till the wee hours either.

5 Practical Things Brits Need to Know Before Working in America

Your office supply room may be stocked but with items that go by different names. (Paper Mate)

If you’re a Brit in the U.S. for work reasons, you’ll know that, once again, there are a few things that are slightly different.