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10 American Smells Brits Will Learn to Love

Why does a hot dog smell and taste better when outside at a baseball stadium? (AP Photo/Scott Boehm)

To outsiders, the U.S. smells like more than just freedom. These are just some of the all-American scents every expat will come to adore. Or at the very least tolerate.

10 British Smells You’ll Miss When You Leave the U.K.


Your nose is a delicate, easily offended piece of equipment. Move out of the country and your British-born snout will mourn these familiar British scents.

9 Adorable Things Brits Do

(David Cheskin/PA Wire)

As a people, the British don’t do a lot that can be classified as sweet. Still, there are some endearing traits, traditions and mannerisms that we Brits can make claim to.

8 All-American Pastimes Brits Could Learn to Love

Check out your local bowling alley, there may be a league. (KU)

Once you’ve settled into your new American life, chances are you’ll want to indulge in some good, clean U.S.-style fun. Perhaps one of these will take your fancy.

10 Adorable Things Americans Do (According to Brits)

When in doubt, bib it. (AMC)

It’s time to take a breather from telling you about all the American things we Brits think are weird, daft or amusing. Some of the stuff they do is just plain delightful.

10 Unconventional Ways to Spend the Holidays

Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) gets out the Festivus pole. (NBC)

It’s nearly Christmas, and while some expat Brits relish the chance to learn how Americans celebrate the holidays, others are – understandably – not so enthusiastic. Either they weren’t invited anywhere, or they can’t deal ...

5 Ways for Brits to Accidentally Offend Americans


A pleasant side effect of coming to the U.S. is that you will meet and befriend lots of Americans.

10 All-American Christmas Gifts to Send to British Friends Back Home

Classic American children's book are great items to gift to the young ones back home. (Photo via Harper & Brothers)

Now that you live in the U.S., your nearest and dearest will want to sample the spoils of your fancy U.S. life.

10 Common British Expressions That Baffle Americans

This guy's really got the hump. (Photo: Denise Chan/ Creative Commons)

We may technically speak the same language, but use one of our multitude of bizarre idioms in conversation with a person born and raised in the U.S. and you’ll be met with a, “Huh?

10 Common American Expressions That Baffle Brits

The mangling of the English language. (Photo via Rebecca of Tomorrow)

You’ve likely heard these bewildering utterances leave the mouths of your American acquaintances, but that doesn’t make them any less perplexing. (Note: many Americans are equally baffled by some of the atrocities below.