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How To Survive an American Heatwave, With Kids and Pets

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I used to relish the two or three truly hot days that our miserable British climate provides annually. As an expat in the U.S.

Should I Move to the ‘Burbs?: When to Ditch Urban America

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Right now, I can walk out of my Brooklyn front door and buy bubble tea in one of 17 refreshingly strange flavors. I can get a pedicure that’ll transform my gnarly trotters into feet that look like they’ve been airbrushed.

10 American Fast Food Chains You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving

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The U.S. is home to an estimated 160,000 fast food restaurants stuffing 50,000 customers full of meat, cheer and saturated fat every single day.

10 Clothing Hacks to Cool You Down in a Hot American Summer

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Come July, America can feel like someone cranked the sauna up to eleven. But you can keep the heat from wrecking your outfit by employing some of these cooling sartorial tips.

How NOT to Visit an American Dentist: A Brit’s Confession

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I realize now that I was laughably unprepared for my first oral examination by an American. One of my back molars has ached, on and off, for the last eight years. I mentioned this to a British dentist once.

9 Ways for Brits to Style Their Homes Like Americans

Warm earth tones and pottery: characteristics of a Southwestern style. (Photo: Fotolia)

To a British eye, U.S. homes and interiors often have a foreign feel: big, bold and unabashed. Here are some of the key looks and styles for creating an abode that screams U.S.A.

10 Affordable U.S. Travel Destinations – and How to Experience Them on a Budget

Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago (Photo: Fotolia)

With the summer approaching, you’re probably looking wistfully at pop up ads of perfect white beaches with happy glistening people sitting on them.

10 American Comedians Whom British People Will Love

U.S. comedians to watch: Louis CK, Amy Schumer, Hannibal Buress. (Photos: AP)

Prepare to burn your Michael McIntyre DVDs, expats, and replace them with the complete works of these astonishing, all-American jesters. (See also: 10 British comedians who Americans should know.

7 Mobile Phone Tips for Brits in America

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Want to talk on a cell phone in the U.S. without racking up some serious charges?

10 U.S. Fashion Brands That British People Will Love


You might live in America but do you dress the part? U.S.