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Tips for Easy Travel During the Winter Season (from #MindTheChat)

It's that time of year again - time to pack up and head away for the holiday season. (Photo: Creative Commons via I Love DC)

As thousands of expats embark on journeys back to Britain and within the U.S.

14 Tips for Achieving Social Media Success (from #MindTheChat)

14 tips for conquering social media. (Photo via The Drum)

Every Wednesday at 2 pm ET on our Twitter account (@MindtheGap_BBCA), we hold a discussion (using hashtag #MindTheChat) around topics relevant to Brits living in America. This week (October 23), we delved into social media and the ways ...

#MindTheChat Moves to Wednesdays at 2 pm ET, Starting September 4


Mind the Gap holds weekly Twitter chats about topics important to Brits living in the U.S.

#MindTheChat July 19: Starting a Business in the U.S.

Nigel Lythgoe is a fine example of British entrepreneurial success stateside. What does it take to start a business here? (Photo: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Do you have what it takes to make it in one of the world’s toughest, most competitive markets? If you’re British and have ambitions to start a business here in the States, this week’s #MindTheChat (Friday, July 19 at 1 ...

#MindTheChat July 12: Should You Join an Expat Group?

While London partied the four-day weekend away, Brits in America honored the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in their own fashion. The Los Angeles-based expat group Brits in LA celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a street tea party at the Palihouse hotel in West Hollywood. (Photo: Dawn Bowery Photography)

When you’re a newcomer to America, far away from family and the creature comforts of home, is it worth getting involved in an expat organization to meet fellow stateside Brits? What benefits can expat groups give to a Brit abroad, ...

#MindTheChat June 28: Remembering British Childhoods


Every Friday at 1 pm ET (barring holiday weekends), it’s time to #MindTheChat on Twitter. We’ll be joined by our co-hosts Big Apple Brits, Brits in LA, GEORGE, Louisa Spring and Virgin Atlantic for an amusing chat on topics ...

#MindTheChat: Join Our British Expat Experts on Twitter for Weekly Chats


If the comments on our posts are any indication, Mind the Gap readers certainly thrive on lively discussion. Now, we’re bringing the conversation to Twitter with #MindTheChat, a weekly hour-long discussion hosted by ...

WATCH: Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on U.S. Culture for Brits

British host Richard Hammond knows a bit about the U.S.: he has roamed these American frontiers in a quest to master tough jobs for his BBC AMERICA series, Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.

Photos: How Brits in Los Angeles, New York Celebrated the Jubilee

WATCH: April Bloomfield Shows Us How to Prepare Lamb Chops with Chimichurri

In the third part of Anglophenia’s series profiling British chefs in New York – see our previous installments with Nobu’s Matt Hoyle and Chip Shop’s Chris Sell – culinary rock star April Bloomfield shows us ...