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British Expat of the Month: Fiona Bloom, Publicist Extraordinaire


Like it or not, we’re living in age where social media is a daily part of our lives. For many of us it’s a happy addition, allowing us to see friends around the world and get free access to more information and humor (and ...

10 Classic ‘Christmas’ Songs That Will Remind Brits of Home

The late Kirsty MacColl and Shane Macgowan in The Pogues' 'Fairytale of New York' video.

Christmas is approaching like a fishtailing, overloaded juggernaut, but expats won’t get to experience the annual “tradition” that is the Christmas song and the race for the Xmas No. 1 single. The splintered U.

British Expat of the Month: Aviator Richard Chan Takes Flight as Hollywood Entrepreneur

Captain Richard Chan

Movie studios and their top stars often fly on private jets, but where does a director go if he actually wants to film on board a luxury Lear, or capture a few frantic scenes in the cockpit of the kind of airplane you or I might fly ...

How to Be Dead in America

Turning the afterlife up to 11: fancy being buried in a Kiss coffin? (Photo via

No matter who or where you are, it’s a fact that death comes for us all, but what are the options for your mortal remains if you end your days in the U.S. or the U.

British Expat of the Month: Alana Kerr – from Belfast to Hollywood

Alana Kerr, FEATURE

Even though some actors have more luck than others in Hollywood, there are no guarantees: it can be a life of endless auditions, intense competition, temporary jobs and waiting for the phone to ring.

The Tooth of the Matter: What’s With the Stereotypes About British Dental Care?

Austin Powers' jaundiced grin has not helped Britain's rep for poor dental hygiene. (Photo: New Line)

It’s the best-known cliché about Brits, and in the U.S. it would probably be the characteristic most people would mention before politeness, emotional repression and tea-drinking.

British Expat of the Month: Composer Bramwell Tovey, From Essex to the Hollywood Bowl

Bramwell Tovey (Photo: David Cooper)

In the world of classical music, it’s rather unusual for the conductor to have a friendly fireside chat with the audience before the concert begins, but for British conductor, composer and pianist Bramwell Tovey, making a connection ...

British Expat of the Month: Gary Clementson of Cary, North Carolina

Gary Clementson, membership director of the British-American Business Council of the North Carolina Triangle (Photo via Gary Clementson)

It may be Brit actors and singers who hit the headlines when they come stateside, but the majority of expats in the country are here for less glamorous reasons — the vast number of enterprises that come under the umbrella of ...

A Brit’s Opinion: American Chocolate


It’s a cliché that Brits have notoriously bad teeth, and whether that’s true or not (thank you Austin Powers!) it is true to say that they’re renowned for their very sweet teeth.

British Expat of the Month: Dame Barbara Hay, British Consul-General

Dame Barbara Hay (Photo: Dame Barbara Hay)

With less than a month left before her four-year posting comes to an end, Dame Barbara Hay found it hard to single out her favorite moment here — there had been so many to choose from.