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American New Year Traditions: What Brits Can Expect

The Waterford Crystal ball will drop in Times Square in NYC at midnight tonight. (Anthony Behar/Sipa/AP Photos)

On the surface, American New Year traditions might appear to present fewer pratfalls to the British expat than, say, those of Christmas Day. After all, a good portion of New Year customs, such as the obligatory countdown, the clinking ...

Eight Yorkshire Sayings That Will Baffle Americans


As a Yorkshireman residing in’t Big Apple, folk can’t fathom me reet often (Translation: In New York, nobody understands me when I speak).  Consequently, everyday activities like ordering a sandwich can become embarrassing, ...

8 All-American Pastimes Brits Could Learn to Love

Check out your local bowling alley, there may be a league. (KU)

Once you’ve settled into your new American life, chances are you’ll want to indulge in some good, clean U.S.-style fun. Perhaps one of these will take your fancy.

The Ultimate Expat’s Library: Books for Brits in America


Surprisingly, (except for the one that’s two thirds written in my head) there aren’t too many books specifically for Brits in America. While there are plenty of books about relocating to the U.S.

Extreme Weather, Animals, Landscapes and More: What to Expect in America

Geysers and Hot Springs North America. Opal Pool at Old Faithfull, Yellowstone National Park (Photo by: Minden Pictures/AP Images)

Britain is a safe place to live.  There are no deadly animals, little in the way of severe weather, and any earthquakes are so teeny tiny that they’re barely worth acknowledging. America, on the other hand …

British Treats You’ll Miss this Christmas

"One for you and one for me ... one for you and two for me ..." (Nestlé)

Though expats may still find it hard to believe there’s no Boxing Day/public holiday on December 26th, they needn’t fear an American Christmas dinner too much.

10 Must-Have Items for an Extreme U.S. Winter

(Warner Bros.)

If you’re in the top half of the U.S. over winter, you’ll notice that it gets a tad cold. If you’re new to the U.S., let me assure you that no, you never get used to it.

6 British Things Americans Admire

Colin Firth keeps a mean stiff upper lip in The King's Speech. (The Weinstein Company)

There are many things that Americans seems to like about us Brits and our culture. Far be it for me to blow the collective British trumpet, though; I asked a handful of Americans-in-the-U.K.

10 Adorable Things Americans Do (According to Brits)

When in doubt, bib it. (AMC)

It’s time to take a breather from telling you about all the American things we Brits think are weird, daft or amusing. Some of the stuff they do is just plain delightful.

10 Unconventional Ways to Spend the Holidays

Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) gets out the Festivus pole. (NBC)

It’s nearly Christmas, and while some expat Brits relish the chance to learn how Americans celebrate the holidays, others are – understandably – not so enthusiastic. Either they weren’t invited anywhere, or they can’t deal ...