14 Tips for Achieving Social Media Success (from #MindTheChat)

14 tips for conquering social media. (Photo via The Drum)

14 tips for conquering social media. (Photo via The Drum)

Every Wednesday at 2 pm ET on our Twitter account (@MindtheGap_BBCA), we hold a discussion (using hashtag #MindTheChat) around topics relevant to Brits living in America. This week (October 23), we delved into social media and the ways that Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networking sites can be used most effectively to promote your personal brand.

Our special guests for the hour were British expat Matthew Shadbolt, Director of Interactive Product & Marketing at The Corcoran Group and Inman News’ 2011 Social Media Innovator of the Year; Tink Taylor, founder and COO of dotMailer, email marketing automation firm; and David S. Tradewell, VP of Client Development at Econsultancy USA.

How do you build an audience and network on social media? Here were some of the top tips that emerged from our #MindTheChat:















What other social networking tips can you think of? And don’t forget to join us next Wednesday (October 30) at 2 pm ET for our next #MindTheChat, which will be an “Ask Us Anything!” free-for-all. What burning questions do you have about life in America, expats? Tweet us now using hashtag #MindTheChat.

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