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What Not to Wear in the U.S.

(Reality TV Fashion)

Clothing has been known to cause confusion and laughter for Brits in America, partly because although we use the same words, we’re not always talking about the same thing.

American Eggs: Cracking the Code


Growing up in the UK, eggs were eggs, plain and simple, take them or leave them. We had boiled, fried, scrambled, poached and omelets, or “omelettes”.

America By Numbers


As Brits in the States quickly find out, we are indeed two nations separated by a common language, and when it comes to numbers, there’s plenty of room for confusion too.

British Expat of the Month: Composer Bramwell Tovey, From Essex to the Hollywood Bowl

Bramwell Tovey (Photo: David Cooper)

In the world of classical music, it’s rather unusual for the conductor to have a friendly fireside chat with the audience before the concert begins, but for British conductor, composer and pianist Bramwell Tovey, making a connection ...

What British Actors Should Know Before Moving to Hollywood

'Pacific Rim' stars Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam are British success stories in Hollywood. (Photo: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

As the L.A.

Conversations Overheard in America


Although ‘obnoxious-person-talking-loudly-on-phone’ is just as ubiquitous in the UK, the conversations one overhears in the U.S. never cease to amaze me.

Eight Reasons Brits Move to America

The means of getting to America has greatly improved since 1620. (Photo via New Hampshire Commentary)

Early British settlers flocked to the U.S. to find wealth and/or religious freedom.

Got a UK Property for Rent? How to Be an Overseas Landlord

If you have to up and leave the U.K., here's how to rent out your flat. (Photo: Press Association via AP Images)

You’ve just had the call to say the dream job is yours. Congratulations. One thing, though: your new office is in America, so you’ll need to move there.

Getting to Grips with America’s Grid System


When I lived in England, if I had told you my street address, you’d need to be familiar with the town to know where I lived. My house had a number and the avenue had a name, but there were no clues as to its whereabouts.

Five Occasions When British Expats Should Fly Home – And Five When They Shouldn’t

To fly home or not to fly home: that is the question for many Brits living stateside. (Photo: Press Association via AP Images)

Tempted to jet back to Blighty because you miss your old cat? Read on and find out if this is a good idea…