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#MindTheChat Moves to Wednesdays at 2 pm ET, Starting September 4

Mind the Gap holds weekly Twitter chats about topics important to Brits living in the U.S.

How to Be Ill – And Get Better – in America

If you like roller coasters — particularly the iffy wooden kind that hasn’t been serviced since the Victorian era and might derail at any moment — then perhaps you’ll enjoy the hair-raising, stomach-flipping challenge of …

Life After DOMA: A Guide for Gay Brits in America

For gay people living in the United States, marriage equality once seemed like a far-off dream. But then, this June, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, paving the way for same-sex couples to have their nuptials recognized by federal law.

College Life in the U.S.: Tips for Reducing Move-In Stress for British Parents

If you’re a Brit whose child attends college in the U.S., you’ll notice quite a few differences.

Five Reasons for Brits to Study in the United States

Since university fees in England have sky-rocketed, there’s been an increase in the number of British students applying to U.S. colleges.

British Expat of the Month: Gary Clementson of Cary, North Carolina

It may be Brit actors and singers who hit the headlines when they come stateside, but the majority of expats in the country are here for less glamorous reasons — the vast number of enterprises that come under the umbrella of …

Five Ways to Catch Premier League Football in the United States

We all know that the Brits give the Americans a hard time when it comes to football. Whether we are lamenting their use of soccer (a word actually coined in England) or their so-called misuse of football (again, coined in England and …

Back-To-School Shopping in America: A British Parent’s Survival Guide

It’s back-to-school time in the U.S. The stores are full of discounts, the aisles full of pens, pencils and erasers (pronounced with a soft “s” by the way, and not a “z”).

Close, But No Cigar: British vs. American Idioms

British English and American English have a number of phrases that mean the same thing and are so similar in wording, after a few years as an expat, you forget which one’s which. While these phrases don’t usually cause much …

Five Things Brits Need to Know About Bringing Up an American Baby

Raising kids is tough wherever you do it, but knowing a few local rules and customs before you get started will help.