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Giving Birth in the US: A New British Mum Tells All

The royal baby was born to great fanfare in the U.K. this month. But what's it like for a British mother to give birth in the U.S.? (Photo: AP/John Stillwell)

I gave birth to a 7 lb. 2 oz., hirsute and screechy baby girl at New York University hospital late this February.

Expats: How to Move Your Pets to America

If you're emigrating with animals like these adorable felines, here are tips to getting them here safely. (Photo via

Alas, the U.S. doesn’t currently issue visas for emigrating pets, and they’re not likely to introduce a four-legged aisle at Grosvenor Square anytime soon.

A Brit’s Opinion: American Chocolate


It’s a cliché that Brits have notoriously bad teeth, and whether that’s true or not (thank you Austin Powers!) it is true to say that they’re renowned for their very sweet teeth.

Summer in the States – Keeping Your Cool


Whatever their winters, many states in the U.S. experience significant heat in the summer.

British Expat of the Month: Dame Barbara Hay, British Consul-General

Dame Barbara Hay (Photo: Dame Barbara Hay)

With less than a month left before her four-year posting comes to an end, Dame Barbara Hay found it hard to single out her favorite moment here — there had been so many to choose from.

#MindTheChat July 19: Starting a Business in the U.S.

Nigel Lythgoe is a fine example of British entrepreneurial success stateside. What does it take to start a business here? (Photo: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Do you have what it takes to make it in one of the world’s toughest, most competitive markets? If you’re British and have ambitions to start a business here in the States, this week’s #MindTheChat (Friday, July 19 at 1 ...

Brunch, Baseball and Four Other American Crazes That’ll Drive You Crazy

The "pups in purses" scourge started in Hollywood and became a worldwide epidemic. Thanks America! (Photo: Solent News / Rex Features)

America has been at the forefront of innovation and cultural trends, but when it swings and misses, it really misses. Here are six U.S. crazes apparently thought up just to annoy Brits:

10 Things That Happen When British Expats Meet in America

Big Apple Brits (Photo: Martin Roe Photography)

Even if you set out to befriend only locals, you’ll inevitably find yourself cozying up to other Brits. And when this happens, you’ll have a lot to chat (read: moan) about…

#MindTheChat July 12: Should You Join an Expat Group?

While London partied the four-day weekend away, Brits in America honored the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in their own fashion. The Los Angeles-based expat group Brits in LA celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a street tea party at the Palihouse hotel in West Hollywood. (Photo: Dawn Bowery Photography)

When you’re a newcomer to America, far away from family and the creature comforts of home, is it worth getting involved in an expat organization to meet fellow stateside Brits? What benefits can expat groups give to a Brit abroad, ...

The Best of the British Stage, Coming to a Screen Near You

Helen Mirren's performance was interrupted by drumming outside. (AP)

At the Gielgud Theatre in London recently, Helen Mirren took her final bow as Queen Elizabeth II in the play The Audience, which was directed by Stephen Daldrey and written by Peter Morgan. Morgan was also the writer of 2006 film The ...