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Social Networking Etiquette for Expats – the Dos and Don’ts of Facebooking from Afar


When you emigrate, your friends go from being fleshy companions whose physical company you quite like to modern-day pen pals. Binary buddies, if you will. Suddenly, your relationships live on your laptop.

Waxing Nostalgic About a British Childhood


It’s every expat’s experience at one time or another — get a group of people from the Mother Country together and before long the conversation turns to what you watched on the telly as a kid, what your Saturday job was, and ...

#MindTheChat June 28: Remembering British Childhoods


Every Friday at 1 pm ET (barring holiday weekends), it’s time to #MindTheChat on Twitter. We’ll be joined by our co-hosts Big Apple Brits, Brits in LA, GEORGE, Louisa Spring and Virgin Atlantic for an amusing chat on topics ...

A British Woman’s Guide to Dating a Brooklyn Hipster

This young chap demonstrates "How to Be a Hipster" in the lamiki blog. (lamiki)

For a short period of time, I was seeing a hipster. He wasn’t one of those “I look like I’m hipster, but I really live in an expensive apartment in the East Village and slum it at the dive bar across the street.

Say What?: How Brits Can Avoid Verbal Confusion in America

If you're British in America, you're very familiar with the 'WTF?' face, as displayed here by Lea Michele from 'Glee.' (Photo: Fox)

Sometimes there’s verbal confusion between Brits and Americans, not so much because of vocabulary differences, but because of simple accent and usage varieties. We can be using the exact same words, but confusion arises because ...

British Expat of the Month: Anthony Freeman, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Anthony Freeman, June's Expat of the Month. (Photo: Anthony Freeman)

Mind the Gap, in association with Virgin Atlantic, will be highlighting British expats in the U.S. who are making notable contributions to their communities.

11 TV Shows That Explain American Culture (for a British Expat)

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen from 'Portlandia' (Photo: IFC)

Want to learn everything there is to know about U.S. society without actually leaving the house? Turn on your telly…

The Cultural Divide: Brits vs. Americans on Toast


Long before Paul Young had his worldwide smash “Everytime You Go Away” in 1984, he was in a soul rock band called Q-Tips. Despite releasing two albums, they’re best remembered by Brits for their 1978 novelty hit “Toast”, a ...

A British Expat’s Guide to Cooking in the U.S.


I quite often tell Brits in America to keep a dictionary handy, and never more so than when cooking. Seriously, a recipe that tells you to grill something means stick it on the backyard BBQ, and an instruction to broil means to place it ...