Monthly Archives: May 2013

Exploring the Americas: 10 Holiday Spots Outside the U.S.

Just because you’ve moved to the United States of America, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your vacation time in the 50 states. Hop on a plane and you can reach hundreds of exotic destination in just few hours, and with …

Yes, Jonathan Lynn: Expat Director Brings Classic Britcom to L.A. Stage

When Jonathan Lynn first came to Los Angeles in the 1980s, he couldn’t find the BBC on TV.

A British Houseguest’s Guide to the American Home

Brits who first arrive in the U.S. often have a false sense of security.

Dating While British in NYC: Tips for Online Dating

When I arrived as a Brit to New York, I had a boyfriend back home at the time, so navigating the NYC dating scene wasn’t one of those things that appeared on my list of questions to fellow transplants. However, when it became a matter …

Pass the Vitamins, Please: An Expat’s Guide to Staying Healthy U.S.-Style

America has suffered from an obesity epidemic, so an extreme counterculture has grown up of people trying to stay healthy and trim. I happen to live in the heart of a particularly wealthy, health-obsessed metropolis, New York City, …

#MindTheChat Recap: Where to Travel in the U.S. This Summer

With so many different regions, the United States offers great vacation opportunities, and summer is the perfect time to explore the country. When we brought together British expats on May 10 for our weekly #MindTheChat on Twitter (1 pm …

A Brit’s Guide to Health Matters in the U.S.: Learning the Lingo

As Brits quickly discover, there are huge differences between the American and British healthcare systems. For most people here, there’s no “free” health care in the U.S.

British Expat of the Month: Jo Bryan of Rye, New York

Starting this month, Mind the Gap, in association with Virgin Atlantic, will be highlighting British expats in the U.S. who are making notable contributions to their communities.

Summer in the United States: Not Always a Picnic

I usually say that one of the great things about the U.S. is the guaranteed summer we have.

Six Things This Brit Doesn’t Miss About the UK

Like many Brits in America, I wax lyrical about the Mother Country, but there’s a growing list of things I don’t miss from Blighty.