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Interview: Lisa Powers, Manager of L.A.’s Ye Olde King’s Head Pub

The front bar at the Ye Olde King's Head pub. (Photo by Donal Tavey)

It’s said that you’re never more than half an hour from the sea in England, so there’s definitely some truth behind the lyrics of the 1907 music hall song “Oh We Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside.”

British Expats: 10 Unexpected Consequences of Emigrating

Prepare yourself for a transformation when you move to the U.S. (Photo via Maison Du Monde)

I suspected moving abroad would have some weird side effects, but there are some repercussions I’d have dismissed as absurd if you’d told about them in advance. Things like these:

Close, But No Cigar: British vs. American Nursery Rhymes and Childhood Games

An innocent child's game can end in utter embarrassment if  ... (PHOTO)

If you’re a British parent in the U.S., you’ll find it’s a veritable minefield out there.

10 Items You Should Stock Up on When You Visit Britain

Is your fridge properly stocked with brown sauce? (Photo: AP/Sang Tan)

Sure, expats can order the stuff we miss on the Internet, or even find it on sale in the U.S. But my local supermarket prices its British imports at twice to three times what I’d pay back home.

10 Things British Expats Should Leave in the U.K.

None of these will work in the States. (Photo via

You don’t have to pack everything you own when you move to the U.S. Nor should you import your more negative attitudes. Consider ditching or storing the following before you set off.

Interview: Craig Young, CEO of Brits in LA

Craig Young, co-founder of Brits in LA.

Every year, thousands of Brits come to Los Angeles looking for their big break. British (and Scottish, Irish and even Welsh) actors seem to do exceptionally well here, but it’s also true to say that the vast majority — even with ...

How to Host a Dinner Party in the U.S.

Dress up the table, your friends are coming over. (

Americans love to entertain so as a Brit living here, you’ll soon find yourself on the invite list. This of course, means that at some point, you’ll be reciprocating.

Brits: How to Convince Americans You’re Just Like Them

Space invading might be be considered a crimeb . (RUVR)

Here on MTG, we like to zone in on how Brits differ from Americans. But our nations overlap in countless amusing ways. So, next time you’re trying to connect with a local, perhaps mention the following.