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How to Enjoy the Super Bowl When You Know Nothing About Football

Super Bowl parties promise a good spread. (Business Insider)

I need to confess something: up until a few years ago, I thought it was called the “Super Ball” and had something to do with that other popular American sport — the one with the leather gloves and players who wear pajamas. ...

10 Things That Americans Don’t Realize are Offensive to Brits

The two finger salute is not a peace sign to Brits. (XXX)

We may have hard shells, but Brits are a squishy, sensitive bunch underneath. Say or do the wrong thing, and we will get the hump. The following howlers are guaranteed to set us off.

10 Things That Brits Don’t Realize Are Offensive to Americans

Ricky Gervais makes good money offending everyone in sight, but if you just want to make friends and not alienate people in America, here are 10 things to avoid. (Rex Features via AP Images)

Admit it Britishers — subtly is not our strong suit, and it’s alarmingly easy to insult Americans if you’re unaware of their etiquette.  To get on in polite company, try to avoid the following faux pas.

10 Questions Every Brit Expat in America Will Be Asked

Can You Repeat That?, 460x300

The folks here are friendly, inquisitive and oddly fascinated by Brits and British culture, which means I often find myself fielding the following well-intentioned inquiries.

Love Me, Love My Child

Leave your kids at home unless invited.

One thing you’ll notice as a Brit in the U.S., is that Americans really like their children.

‘Want the Last Biscuit?’: A Very British Dilemma

A test of politeness: do you always ask if someone else wants the last biscuit?

There’s a Reddit post going viral at the moment that has touched a nerve with many Brits. Although it’s supposed to be a spoof on the many ridiculous habits of us Brits, I found myself going through the list and mentally agreeing ...

The Culinary Cultural Divide: British vs. American ‘Cheese’

Note: this is cheese product, not cheese. (AP Photo)

Like countless Brits, lots of Americans love Wallace and Gromit. The two claymation characters — the dyed-in-the-wool Northern Englishman Wallace and his super-intelligent dog Gromit — have won several Oscars over the years ...

How to Do Tea in the U.S.

Would you like some tea with your cream? (Photo via AP)

Yes, I’m going to give British readers a few pointers on tea – American style. (more…)

America vs. Britain: Which Country’s Better For Expectant Mothers?

(Press Association via AP Images)

Reassuringly, whichever country you pick to pop out a little person, it’ll most likely go well and you’ll come away with a healthy, fat newborn.

New Year’s Resolutions for Brits in America

Ahhh ... (Photo via HKI)

New Years is a grand time for Brits in the U.S  to take stock of how they’re doing as expats, and perhaps to make a few little changes. Here’s a few suggestions: