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10 Expat Parent Worries and How to Handle Them

Raising children abroad comes with a unique set of challenges, but there are ways to overcome your fears and have a great parenting experience.

10 Ways Living in America Will Improve Your Life

When the initial excitement of living and working in the U.S. has worn off, you’ll start to notice the real ways that it’s enhanced your existence. Take these, for instance.  

Thanksgiving Notes for Brits

If an American asks you what you’re doing “for the holidays”, he or she is talking about Thanksgiving, which is almost upon us. When they’re going off somewhere for a week or two in the summer, it’s their vacation.

8 American Bond Locations Worth Visiting

He may have trekked the globe and saved it many times over, but some of 007’s most famous fist fights, soirees and sex scenes took place right here in the U.S. Put these sites at the top of your Bond bucket list.   

10 Ways to Use Britishness to Get What You Want in America

Feeling out of control with no idea how to navigate your new homeland? It’s not uncommon for a freshmen expat to feel like the new kid in school. But fear not, U.

Close, But No Cigar

If you’re popping across the Pond (apologies to anyone who loathes that word), you’ll discover quite a few words and phrases just guaranteed to cause confusion. Several words sound exactly the same on either side of the Atlantic, …

Shaken Not Stirred: Where to Source James Bond’s Favorite Tipples in America

If real spies spent as much time boozing as James Bond, cat-stroking villains would have taken over the world by now. But 007 managed just fine and, according to Ian Fleming’s books, he knocked back everything from scotch and soda to …

Food and Drink: 10 Things That Taste Different in the U.S.

From bread and butter to bangers and beer, so much American produce tastes nothing like the goods back home in Blighty.

10 Things to Consider Before Getting Pregnant in America

If you’re a British couple planning to start a family in the U.S., here are some problems to ponder before you start stockpiling tiny clothes.