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How to Maintain a Transatlantic Romance

Think scoring that dream job in the U.S. was hard?

Seven British Myths Kept Alive by James Bond

For 50 years, the film adaptations of Ian Fleming’s Bond books have helped cement the U.K.’s reputation as a suave, chic land.

So You Want to Marry an American…

As a Brit who did just that, here are a few practical bits of advice. The language differences won’t be a problem – you have someone to help you of course – but if nothing else, you must remember that many rules will vary from …

WATCH: Richard Hammond’s Crash Course on U.S. Culture for Brits

British host Richard Hammond knows a bit about the U.S.: he has roamed these American frontiers in a quest to master tough jobs for his BBC AMERICA series, Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.

Five Things American Women Should Know About British Men

As a Brit married to an American woman I feel I can have a go at writing this…

1. Aversion To Therapy   The British male tendency to keep a stiff upper lip, repress their emotions and only ever consider visiting a hospital when a bone is poking out through the skin is not attractive.

The Cultural Divide on Washing Dishes: Brits vs. Americans

By way of introduction to this topic let me explain that the verb “to wash up” in the U.S. is primarily defined as washing one’s hands and/or face, “Give me five minutes to wash up and then I’ll be ready.

So, You’re on a Spouse Visa: Things to Know

If you’re Brit married to someone (although not, alas, a same-sex partner) on a non-immigrant visa, you’ll most likely have been fixed up with some form of spousal or dependents’ permit.

Six (Legal) Ways to Earn Money in the U.S. Without a Work Visa

Not all foreigners who are given permission to live in the U.S. are entitled to work here.

10 American Places Every Brit Should Visit

Before you shout us down, we realize there are hundreds — possibly thousands — of must-see sites in the U.S. But it’s a vast country and expats only have so many weekends and vacation days to go exploring.