Monthly Archives: September 2012

10 Things for Brits to Know Before Hitting the U.S. Roadways

In Los Angeles, you really can’t survive without wheels – even if you’re only here for a short time. In New York (and other cities with good public transport) it’s perhaps a little easier, but just watch a few commercials on …

12 Places to Call in a Stateside Emergency

When a crisis strikes on American soil, who are you going to call? Keep these emergency numbers and links to hand and help will never be far away.

10 American Foods Brits Will Learn to Love

If you’re planning on a food-induced early death then you’ve relocated to the right country. With so many irresistible edibles on offer, you may need to request two plane seats on your next flight home.

The U.S. School System: Welcome to the Dark Side

If you’re new to the American school system, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not only the syllabus that is completely different from the British system. Many schools here “encourage” parental involvement in the form of …

How to Get a U.S. Green Card: 10 Things to Know

When most Brits first visit the U.S., they are content to sign the visa waiver form handed out on the airplane.

Where to Live in America: 10 Things for Brits to Consider

Possibly the biggest single decision an expat has to make is where to live. Even once you have picked your country – and that is often chosen for you by family, work or other circumstances outside your control – the real …

Sales Taxes, Speed Limits, and Bra Sizes: Differences Between Britain and America

When you’re ordering a pint or finding a new pair of shoes, you’ll notice some subtle differences between America and Britain. Here are just a few facts and figures to keep in mind.

10 Ways for Brits to Integrate Into America More Quickly

Get down with the lingo, befriend some locals and read a paper: these are just some of the tricks that will help ease your U.S. assimilation.