10 Things Brits Love About America

Bless these tissue contraptions.

We’re a tough bunch to impress, but most Brits secretly admire the burger-munching nation across the Atlantic. Here’s what we like best.

1. The portion sizes
From skyscraper sandwiches to piles of fries that could feed a third world village for a month, America is the land of massive grub. We, meanwhile, grew up on flaccid chips, grey peas and Greggs rolls filled with luminous margarine and a single layer of transparent ham. So we can’t help but get excited when we see big food.

2. The service
Every Brit knows that for truly spectacular service without a sneer, you need to head to America. I’ve had restaurant managers comp me lunch just because I asked whether their freshly squeezed orange juice was the real deal and they admitted it wasn’t. No grievance is too petty.

3. Friendly folk
Getting smiled at as you walk down a U.S. street is unnerving until you learn that the Americans doing the grinning mean no harm. Strangers may even be genuinely pleased to see you.

4. Salty-sweet food
From chocolate covered pretzels to bacon and pancakes drenched with maple syrup, Americans’ adore savory and sweet in the same mouthful. Sadly, British cuisine tends not to mix the two, despite the fact that most of us love the combo. I do, however, draw the line at sweet potato fries dusted with salt and icing sugar.

5. No royal family
Brits may not envy U.S.-style politics but some of us appreciate the fact Americans don’t pay to keep a clan of toffs in pearls and palaces. They do, however, lose points for loving our lot.

6. Bigger homes
Unless you live in a pricey, overcrowded city like New York, your stateside home will probably make your old British pad seem like a doll’s house. Walk-in closets, fridges the size of barns and gargantuan gardens are the norm in America.

7. TV and film
On screen, the U.S. still outshines the rest of us. Whether it’s blockbusters, indie flicks, cultish dramas or pithy sitcoms, America does it bigger and better.

8. Toilet seat covers
When I first pulled one of these out of a wall mounted dispenser (Chicago airport, 1996) I considered the possibility that this shiny tracing paper with a gaping big hole in the middle was badly engineered piece of loo roll. Several seconds later, I figured it out and I’ve never looked back.

9. Diners
Wherever you are in the States — from gastronomically challenged backwaters to sophisticated cities — the staple spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner are cute diners serving generic but delicious pancake stacks and Caesar salads.

10. The opening hours
We’re getting better at staying open for longer in Britain but we’ve got nothing on our U.S. friends. In America, it’s unthinkable that you wouldn’t be able to order a pizza or find an open drugstore at four in the morning.

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Ruth Margolis

Ruth Margolis

Ruth is a British freelance journalist who recently swapped east London for Brooklyn. She writes about TV for Radio Times and is working on her first novel.
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  • Ann

    I am sorry but there is nothing I envy about American telly. I like that we don’t drag stories for longer than we should and that our series are shorter but have an ending. And our comedies are top quality, so nothing to envy there!

    • http://www.facebook.com/maylingrace Amy Smith

      So true! I am an American born and bred but every time I watch a great British film or TV show it leaves me bemoaning the lack of talent in the US. Sure we have bigger budgets, but they can’t seem to buy decent acting or writing talent over here.

      • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

        Here it is too easy to become a “star”. I liked it better when the potential actors/actresses had to pay their dues. Now, its all about helping people without talent, look and sound as if they do.

    • Kimberly

      Our TV shows may not be the best, but what about the movie industry? The BBC produces better TV, but I think our filmmakers are pretty fantastic.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IB4AIUMYZANQ3WRS27Z6XJ4DFY Buddy

      Lifelong American here, but i have to agree British comedy is far superior to American comedy. Mostly after political correctness took over. Nothing beats Monty Python for intelligent and gut busting laughter. Unfortunately most Americans are not intelligent enough to understand most of MP’s historical references and jabs.

  • JLo

    Although 24 hour shops are nice to have, I miss being able to do all my supermarket shopping online like I used to. And those giant portions are fun for a minute, until you get the ‘green card 15′ (variation on the freshman 15).

    • Taino Girl

      You can share a meal between more than one person. It is allowed! LOL They charge a dollar or two, and everyone leaves satiated without being stuffed.

  • Laurie

    Regarding the food? I’d give *anything* for bacon here in the US like it is in the UK. It’s too processed here. The times I’ve been to the UK…one of the first things I do is get a bacon sandwich. Yum.

    • http://www.paulinewiles.com/blog Pauline Wiles

      Agreed – the bacon doesn’t cut it.

    • Pat

      I’m lucky enough to get my bacon from the farmer at the farmers’ market :-)

    • Taino Girl

      You need to find a local farmer in your area, as the pork industry here is a travesty. Eat wild.com is an amazing resource for meat the way it is supposed to taste. Not a big pork fan, I prefer the wild game like buffalo, moose, elk, etc.

    • sdgarman

      Need to find a way to raise your own pork, and then have it slaughtered. Sometimes, there are farming co-ops where you can go in with someone to buy a portion of a hog, just like beef. Then its fresher, and better, and more economical. The farm will slaughter it for you. Then get you a small freezer and fill it with your meat. I don’t know where you live, but if its in a city, that would be the way to go.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Brister/796739255 Amber Brister

      And British Strawberries…they have AMAZING flavor better than anything I can buy in the grocery store.

  • Jane

    It’s not until I go back home that I realize how much I appreciate the sheer number of food choices right along the interstates here. But then I step into the motorway services and love those too, even the cafe with the dodgy teapots that always dribble hot water on the table.

  • Leesa

    Having dual nationality I have grown and lived in both countries. Although the Americans have big budgets they do not have the quality and talent that Britain does. The sitcoms are not funny. Give me “Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers, Butterflies, The Young Ones, Inbetweeners or even Corrie” any day over the shows from the States. Also, the portions are the reason so many are so fat. So much food is wasted in this country simply because peoples eyes are to big for their stomachs. I would rather pay less for a proper portion than over load on a deal.

    • sdgarman

      It’s not necessarily the portions as it is a lack of pushing back the plate. Any one can ask for a go-box, unless they’re eating fine dining, or at a special dinner. But then you don’t get such huge portions when you go there. My husband and I share an entree all the time. and just add extra vegetables on the side.

    • Katie

      The Brits aren’t doing too well on the obesity front either in case you haven’t noticed….just sayin.

  • Deku-Johnny

    I disagree with the ‘Friendly Folk’ bit, I mean growing up in England, a country so well known for being ‘dry’ it’s quite annoying to see people who are so happy.

    • Val

      Too happy? Have you met the Canadians?! LOL I love my nothern neighbors for their amazing personalities. I guess I will take that over the most obnoxious folks on the planet!

      • Deku-Johnny

        No I’ve never been to Canada or met a Canadian but I’ve heard things. If Americans are too happy for me then I’m sure Canadians would just end me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

      So that’s the problem. I have run into mostly friendly Brits when they visit the US, but I have run into a couple of RUDE, Snobbish persons from across the atlantic. They moved here. I’m from Deep South Mississippi, the state known as the hospitality state. I have a very friendly personality. But rude people don’t want to push it. I live in North West VA. These are the rudest individuals I have ever met. The one lady from Britain who moved here fits in real well. I’ve lived here for 12 years, and folks are no friendlier. Now, I can just take them or leave them and I put up with no crap. Aside from that, I love Britain. Never been there, but I pray one day to visit and stay awhile. I adore the British film and tv. They handle sensitive subject matter with a little more finesse. It’s not so in your face as it is here. But I adore our government for what it was designed to be. It just hasn’t been handled properly since before Woodrow Wilson was president.

  • kahkeetsee

    On the same theme, 10 things This American Loves About the UK:
    1. The fact that so many people are out walking to where they are going, rather than hopping in a car for a trip around the block.
    2. The Royal Family – sorry to disappoint, but scandals or not, they are living history.
    3. The countryside – small villages, green grass, and those thatched houses.
    4. British actors – Colin Firth, Clive Owen, Rupert Everett, Rupert Friend, Emily Blunt, Dame Judith Dench….and many more.
    5. Fish and chips. Self-explanatory goodness!
    6. British food: NO GMOs, and usually more local.
    7. The National Health Service
    8. As a history buff, I could spend the rest of my life seeing the history of the UK and never see it all.
    9. Football. Real football, not the stuff here in the US!
    10. Meat pies, “slices”, pasties, and all other forms of savory pies. Where have you been all my life?

    • Taino Girl

      Sorry, this NDN has no love of the British monarchy. As for history of this country, our amazing histories that have been in existence for millenia. Americans just forget we were here before the “founding fathers”. I do have to agree with the TV thing, I would be happy to pay a yearly fee for commercial free TV programs.

      • sdgarman

        Please don’t be so snide about our Founding Fathers. You don’t have to like our culture, but we are a proud nation, and we have been a wonderful nation. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives, personal fortunes, etc, to create this great nation. George Washington alone, funded the majority of the revolutionary war himself, out of his own pocket, because he believed in such a worthy cause. And the entire world has profited from it. We have our problems, but we are an outstanding nation. And unless you truly understand our way of life, don’t knock it, nor be insulting about it.

        • Taino Girl

          I AM part of your nation, most just choose to forget we still exist. The NDN really does stand for indian, as in native american. No, I do not feel anything for your culture. Those “founding fathers” felt nothing for anyone but the white folks that thought of us as nothing. Just ask Thomas Jefferson’s lineage from his slave that he did not acknowledge. The US government marched huge numbers of us to internment camps when they wanted land (my adopted son’s g.g.g. grandma was actually bought by an Irish immigrant for 2 cents), paid for our scalps when they were turned in during the manifest destiny, made treaties and when they didn’t want to honor them they killed us(google Treaty of Laramie, and that is just ONE), they supplied us with supplies that were infected with smallpox knowing we did not have the immunity to it (early biological warfare), and yet I am supposed to respect that. No thanks. Our people were in no way were perfect, but we respected the land we lived upon, we did not poison the water that quenched our thirst, we did not over hunt/waste more animals than we could use, we fought amongst ourselves, but not all of us were war like tribes (my Dad’s was a peaceful agricultural one, really easy to wipe out). When settlers got here they actually raided our winter supplies. The history book does not tell that story in school. The soldiers sent to enforce these removals killed our children, and raped our women. There are pictures in Canadian museums (banned in American ones) of US soldiers cutting off womens’ breasts and playing catch with them. There are mass graves out by the Black Hills from our people that fought for what they believed. I could have sworn the right to assemble had already been written in the Bill of Rights. They didn’t even come up with their own constitution, they stole it from the Iroquois Confederacy. The air has been poisoned, the mining has permanently altered our sacred lands, we have been banned from sacred spaces, early lumber barrons wiped out so much of the forrests, half the animals here have been on the brink of extinction beause of greed, etc etc. If you truly knew our country’s history, and not what is taught by the winners, you would know that I could go on about the basic violation of human rights the US government still inflicts upon it’s native population. So, they are NOT my founding fathers, and the remark stays until the government that took over this country, runined it, and has disgraced/anihilated it’s original inhabitants cleans it up. Your culture is NOT the only one in this land, and mine existed for millenia before. I am sorry if this hits a nerve with you, but our country is still full of third world countries, they are called reservations. The poorest in this great US, has a yearly income of $3000/yr/per capita, and >80% unemployment rate. The US government still does everything they can to keep them in this state. Other tribes try to help, but the US needs to honor the promises they made to these people, and give them land they can live on.

          • sdgarman

            I am most certainly aware of the wrongs that were done to “your people”. By the way, I have a strong lineage of the Choctaw tribe. MY people didn’t move out to Oklahoma to get away from the attrocities. They stayed and endured them. Furthermore, I don’t deny that mistakes and wrongs exist through out the millenium. There is wrong being done to everyone that lives. But, I still would rather live here than anywhere else on this sorry earth. At least here, you can b&*() without being afraid of being jailed, tortured, and put to death. Furthermore, the indians did their share of wrong too. So don’t think that all the tribes butts are gold, because they aren’t. There are reservations who are doing well. They can be even better. But it is up to them, and if you all spent more time trying to achieve something instead of feeling sorry for yourself, and grumbling all the time about what is wrong with America now, you might be surprised where it will get you. We ALL have much to be thankful for. It hasn’t been a piece of cake for my people either. But they chose to be a solution and a path rather than a problem and a brick wall. There are others who have been treated just as bad if not worse, and right now entire nations call on these people to be wiped out. I’m talking about the Jews. They have had some of the worse atrocities done to them. So, if you could come down off your santimonious, poor pitiful me and mine, you may actually find out that someone else has it worse off than me. So, now, ifTHIS strikes a nerve, as you put it, So be it. It is what it is.

          • Taino Girl

            To everyone here, I apologize for the length of this post in advance. I take opportunities to educate where I can get them;-). So Susan, I am being neither sanctimonious (as the word indicates religious hypocracy), nor am I feeling sorry for myself. I am stating facts that have occured in modern American history. It also so happens it is still ongoing. If you think it is not, it’s ok the gov’t does not want you to. The government is good at keeping their atrocities quiet in modern times. As for educating myself to get out of my situation to help others. I am currently working on my Master’s degree in order to try to as much as possible. Luckily, I am realistic in my views on how much the US gov’t will allow me to.
            So, let’s move on. South Dakota, Pine Ridge reservation. The US government has land that is rightfully theirs, under the Treaty of Laramie, up for public auction. If they wanted to, they could return their land. So, why not? Greed. The average age of death on the rez is 48 yo. Drugs, alcohol, diabetes, suicide, heart disease, etc all run rampant on the rez. Should they spend their money on drugs/alcohol, of course not. However, when you put a people on a barren piece of land, which has no infrastructure to speak of, take away all of their opportunities, they will do whatever they can to keep themselves from having to deal with reality. We see it all the time in inner cities. But even inner city kids receive more assistance, including education. The drop out rate is 70%, and the schools are in the bottom 10% as being funded by the US DoE. If the gov’t truly wanted these folks to suceed, would they not provide the means?
            The closest public employer is 20 miles away, and the US gov’t makes it quite difficult to build anything there. Also, the land is leased to agricultural corps, such as the plague known as Monsanto. They rake in millions from the land. They are required to pay the rez less than 1%. That equals nothing in the grand scheme of things. There are no cars, few homes have electricity, few working toilets and running water, and a severe housing shortage. Average # of people per home? 12. Nearest hospital that can handle more than a bandaid? 135 miles. In 2011 a blind Lakota elder went into the hospital for heart surgery in SD, he came out with KKK burned into his skin no where near his surgical site. He was also cognizant of this occuring while in recovery, after he was OUT of surgery. No one was ever held accountable.
            Pine Ridge, and the other Lakota tribes have actually gone all the way to the Supreme Court of the US trying to get people off their land promised them in the treaties, and be allowed to become more self sufficient. Verdict? No sorry. Why? They’re asking to heal their land and people. Why would the gov’t give them the land they are making profits from? If you think they should have their land back to better themselves, then please start writing letters to people that make a difference. Not trying to hide behind the culture that is still holding them back.
            In 2001 and 2005, 10,000 Dine-Navajo people were moved off of their land (which was stripped of it’s title) so that the coal companies can mine it. Thank you senator McCain. The UN actually investigated it as a human rights violation. Again, US greed prevails. “The Black Mesa region in Arizona, USA is home to the indigenous communities of the Dineh (Navajo) and Hopi peoples. This region also contains major deposits of coal which are being extracted by North America’s largest strip mining operation. The coal mines have had a major impact on families in the region. Local water sources have been poisoned, resulting in the death of livestock. Homes near the mines suffer from blasting damage. The coal dust is pervasive, as well as smoke from frequent fires in the stockpiles. Not coincidentally, the people in the area have an unusually high incidence of kidney and respiratory disease. ”
            “The Dineh (otherwise known as Navajo) were stripped of all land title and forced to relocate. Their land was turned over to the coal companies without making any provisions to protect the burial or sacred sites that would be destroyed by the mines. People whose lives were based in their deep spiritual and life-giving relationship with the land were relocated into cities, often without compensation, forbidden to return to the land that their families had occupied for generations. People became homeless with significant increases in alcoholism, suicide, family break up, emotional abuse and death. ”
            — Marsha Monestersky for the UN Commission on Human Rights and Women Enacting Change at the UN
            Do you know that those tribes pulled themselves out of abject poverty, becoming prosperous, have been required to pay huge taxes to the US government. I am betting your first response is,”well of course they should.” Were you aware that GE made 14 billion in profits last year, and paid none? Monsanto made 937 million last quarter, and they got a tax refund. Hmmm, fleecing the native still quite a profitable endeavour for the US gov’t. This is where blind patriotism is allowing the goverments ruling this country to keep you under their thumbs.
            I am going to finish this quickly, as the winds with the impending hurricane are picking up. Examples of near history. The US sat down in the 1970s and decided that the tribes that had little to offer them lost the federal recognition. That is not only a slap in the face of these tribes, but affords them no other protection under whatever treaties were in place. In the 1990s the gov’t allowed us to LEGALLY practice our religion with a permit from said US gov’t. Gee thanks. However, this only applies to federally recognized tribes. According to the gov’t I do not even exist above and beyond being born here. If I get caught practicing my peaceful religion, and someone is offended, I can be ARRESTED. How’s that for freedom of religion? Yet, folks who practice Santeria are covered by the first ammendment when sacrificing animals, and just throwing their carcasses away. What a waste of an aminal.
            As for genocide. Yes, what the Jews went through (along with the Romas and the homosexual populations in the same concentration camps) was horrific. I have many Jewish friends that accompany me to healing ceremonies with other tribes. For both of our genocides. But if you remember one, please remember ALL of the genocides that have occured in recent history: Rwanda, Khmer Rouge, Bosnian, Armenian, Chile (the US had a hand in that one btw), and let’s not forget the people that were here first. Your tribal ancestors were a few of the lucky ones. It’s quite ignorant to put the blame back on the people that had treaties that even your early government, and current, governments chose to ignore. However, it is still occuring to our Southern cousins. See, we have no borders for our people. That is a political agenda. I have been to Genocide museums around the Americas. The first people listed in a fair number are the Native American/First Nations. Genocide does not just occur through killing, but also through cultural genocide. How many NDNs have to die before you consider it a genocide? We have lost millions, but they do not count for you? I am sorry, but I find it quite contrite on your part to be so blase about the battle that other tribes face on our soil.

            You’re words do not hit a nerve with me at all, but mine did for you. What you allowed me to do was educate not only you, but the others around the world, that America is still quite guilty of human rites violations against it’s aboriginal population. Yet, we save face by showing how much we care for other nations. These of course do not include those natives who have assimilated to what they US conceives as the right choice. Unfortunately, some people leave the culture and forget about where they came from. This allows these attrocities to continue. When the last native is wiped out, will you still blame them for the plight that continues to be reinforced by the US gov’t?
            Since we have hijacked the original post enough, please feel free to repsond in whichever way you feel you need to. However, know that I will longer be responding. I know where my heart lies. Thank you all for allowing me to share these issues with you. Do not get me wrong, I love my country, because it is mine to care for. However, the American government is nothing to be proud of. If people do not start waking up here, they will be in the same boat as those here before them. “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” AHO!

          • Taino Girl

            However, I myself will comment as I made a gaff. I meant your lack of contrition and ability to be so blase. My apologies for the screw up. I had to run to the barn to refill the water buckets while I still have water.

          • sdgarman

            Taino Girl, since you do not know me, let me introduce quickly, who I am. I am very compassionate to your cause. It is a shame that these atrocities arestill occuring. I am truly sorry. But when the Rev. War occurred the Irroquoi (sorry about the spelling) were asked by George Washington to please not get involved. There was apeace treaty between the colonists and the NDNs. But when Britain comes along, they decide to push the envelope and convince the Iroquoi to side with them. At first they refused, because they wanted to honor the peace treaty, and they felt they could trust George Washington. But, then they change their minds and violated the treaty, which rendered it null and void. There were horrible, terrible things done to the patriots by the NDNs. Now granted 2 tribes chose to fight with the patriots. They figured if they were going to be drug into this fight, they would fight along with those who tried to preserve peace. To make a long story short, Britain the Iroq. tribes got their butts whipped. Then they found out that the British would not keep the promise they made with the Indians. They did try keep the promises made, but that was not their call to make. Down thru history, wicked things have been done in the name of patriotism. But it’s best to get the truth about our forefathers. Alot of liberal crap has beenspun about our ForeFathers. It has been proven time and time again by studying the original documents in its entirety, rather than just taking the word of liberal professors who choose to spread garbage about people who chose to live peacefully and to create a better life for all involved. If there were disagreements, I have no doubt that the tribes leaders would have been a part of the discussions at the table. It had already been done. Furthermore, if you think that the UN is your friend. Honey, you all do not need enemies. They don’t care about you all. They are using the NDNs and exploiting the pain for their own agenda. I am not happy with either party politcally. But I will stand behind anyone who will take us back to that form of gov. that is small, and will stay out of our lives. The tribes would do better to kick the gov out of your personal business. You all are American Citizens. This government should be what the constitution says it is. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The gov. makes a mess of everything. I do agree with you. But, you all can fight back. You all can claim your lives, homes, and culture back, and you do not need the gov. NOR the UN. It can be done. The gov. will never help you. That is what the Founding Fathers stood for. If you really want to know what the Fore Fathers really believed, get it from them. Not what others say. Go to wallbuilders.com.
            They have over 10,000 original documents by the foundings fathers. Read it for yourself. It’s there. It applies to your people too. I know you will not respond. That is ok. I hope I was able to educate you alittle too. There are 2 sides, now its time for the truth. Best of wishes.

          • PKC

            Wallbuilders was founded by a quack named David Barton who is an idiot revising American history. He is not an educated man and wall builders is not an educated organization. They seek their own twisted version of history that has nothing to do with reality.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kjaton Kimberly Jaton

        You can get TV from home. Check out http://www.expattelly.com . I watched the Olympics live from London and now I can watch all of the BBC stations. NO COMMERCIALS!!!!!

    • Rachel

      I agree with all the above.

      • Patty C.

        Yes, the NHS! It is better than what we have here.

        • JR

          I lived under it for years while in England and had a daughter born there. Nothing much to love about it but to each their own. I got to witness it first hand and I will choose the American system. Not so say it can’t be improved but going the socialist route is not the answer.

    • Abstrak

      agree with Taino girl. Though my bands we more affected by the Spaniards. Same sentiment though

      • Taino Girl

        Abstrak, mine were also. However, a few of our families hid in the the highest mountains survive to tell our children the stories. Aho!

    • Sue Mary Palmer

      Well said I agree with your list as a Brit in US

    • scotty diary

      From someone who loves being an
      American and who has never been to the UK. I have to say that I don’t
      agree completely with your top 10 list of why Americans love the

      1 and 3 I agree with. 2. The Royal
      Family – Because we don’t have one. It is a live style that Americans don’t
      have any knowledge of. 4. You said British actors, but I disagree. America is
      made up of all kinds of people that we tend to forget that they’re from the UK.
      We just see them as Americans. For me 4 Is the love for the British Accent. The
      British Accent is sexy, classy and elegant. I would say 5 would be
      the love of British films, Even though America’s films are of better equality due
      to America having more resources, money and freedom. Americans still love
      British films, which is why we tend to remake all of their films. We find the UK’s
      culture more interesting than our own. I disagree with you on 9. We American’s
      love our Football. Football season is an American holiday. LOL!!!

      • Anon

        As an American who HAS been to the UK and is dating a Brit… It’s helpful to get out more before you decide who has more freedoms. It’s not too different, and in some areas I think they’ve got us beat.
        Also, though you might see those actors as being American, I’m afraid they’re still British.

      • Duranceau

        “… The love of British films, Even though America’s films are of better equality due to America having more resources, money and freedom…”

        I’m sure that all that eagle-branded freedom was a decisive factor in making “Jack and Jill”, “Battlefield Earth” or “Piranha 3DD” films ‘of better equality’…
        By the way, last time I checked, the word ‘America’ represented two whole continents, not just the U.S.A., and its monopoly on Freedom™.

    • PotterWhoFan

      .I agree with your 10 list!
      but I would throw in the accents possibly as a bonus

    • http://www.drudgereport.com/ Strangelove

      The NHS? Really? Allowing the sick to die so you have an open bed for the next one is admirable? A national layer of thick red tape wrapped around the ambulance services is something we love?

      • Cathy

        I totally agree with you. What is to admire in a system that kills the old and disabled? Use you up and throw you away, is that the way to do things now?

        • Mrs Reasonable

          You really have been misinformed.

      • Ron

        If nothing else, it would be a change of pace from a system that lets the poor die so you have an open bed for a wealthier patient. Assuming, of course, that your description of the NHS was accurate to begin with.

    • John H Harris

      #6 is just patently false. GMOs are everywhere, and it’s too late to stop them. The moment the pollen hit the open air, the entire biosphere was contaminated.

      Anything that’s labeled GMO-free is a lie.

      And the NHS is a nightmare the liberals want to curse the US with, not realizing that it’ll collapse under its own bloat, just like every other such program ever dementedly thought up…

    • Guest

      Agreed lol

  • gn

    Reliable sunshine, clear blue skies and low humidity. At least in California.

    • Pat

      Correction: Southern California (I live on the North Coast, where we have a couple of months of sun in late summer/early fall)

      • gn

        I live in the Bay Area and the climate is awesome. How far north are you?

    • Pat Weiser

      ONLY in California! High humidity and extreme temps in Minnesota!

  • gn

    +1 on lack of royal family and generally undeferential attitide.

  • Andrew

    I disagree with all the above points… With the posible exception of house sizes!

  • Nick Borelli

    You have Doctor Who, Ricky Gervais, Radiohead, & Richard Dawkins so…we envy you too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.house1 Susan House

    I agree with almost all of your comments- except TV & film. I’m American, but wholeheartedly believe NOTHING is better than UK TV & film. Anyway, most of our shows are just watered-down rip-offs of your stuff! Sad…..

    • AmBrit

      You haven’t watched all that Brit TV has to offer. Brit TV isn’t just what’s seen on PBS. Some of it is just as bad as American TV whether it’s BBC or ITV.

  • Alena

    toilet paper covers are awesome….yeah..that’s one thing to love about America..

    • Anon

      Unfortunately, they’re mostly pointless. You’ll encounter way more germs on your kitchen counter than you will on a public toilet seat, even in the dirtiest of bathrooms, much less ones that are routinely cleaned.

      • JONPIPER

        be my guest, sit on someone’s fecal residue, and feel the sweaty warmth of their buttcheeks

  • getyourownshoe

    Don’t really agree with Number 7 – TV and Films. I have found both to be highly edited and censored (whatever time of day) and FILLED with adverts. Give me the BBC anyday.

    • Sue Mary Palmer

      I agree #& Britain does incredible films and drama

    • BRS

      You obviously haven’t seen American reality T.V. And I question your authenticity as my travels to Britain have shown me that they are slightly more conservative then American films.

  • Pikey Pete

    Upsides of life in the US (Texas, to be exact,): yearly Formula 1 race till the contract runs out, chicken fried bacon, great local music. Downsides: the idiots, the extremists, living in the rodeo buckle of the bible belt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Brister/796739255 Amber Brister

      Yes, Pete.

  • Joseph Odonnell

    I have to dis agree about the tv and movie the special effect might be better over here but the story lines are much better over there

  • http://twitter.com/sspaz1000 Nicole

    I too would give anything for UK bacon over US bacon. So much better.

    Also friendly people in the US? Where you are more likely to get shot if you glance at someone the wrong way? Every time I’ve been to the UK I’ve encountered more friendly people anywhere than any major US city I’ve been to.

    • Val

      That right there is your answer. Any “major US city”. Most Americans hate the major cities also, and that includes ORLANDO! Argh. Have you been to the not so touristy parts of our country? It’s a big place. May I suggest Caribou, Maine, Ocala, FL, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, anywhere in the Adirondacks of NY, Grand Isles, NE, Franklin, NJ, The Wilds of PA, Austin, TX, Wenatchee, WA, Baton Rouge, LA, etc. I have actually had foreign visitors in my home for dinner after running into them, and getting to know them. Please do not judge us all by the worst of our citizens. I have been judged while visiting the UK as soon as I speak, and it is no less insulting. Bright side of that? I have perfected my Canadian accent. Can almost pass as a native from Thunder Bay, ON with the help of my Canadian friends.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IB4AIUMYZANQ3WRS27Z6XJ4DFY Buddy

        Northern Michigan is my absolute paradise :) Friendly people (when you can actually find any) and a serenity hard to find anywhere in the country. Luckily, I live in southern michigan and can reach paradise within a few hours drive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

      I’ve never really experienced extremely bad situations in major cities. I live outside DC and I’ve had great experiences when I’ve been there. I live an hour and ahalf west of DC, and these people are the nastiest and meanest people I have ever met, with exception of Wichita KS. There are nasty idiots everywhere, but there are great folks too. Some places you just have to dig alittle harder to find folks like you. I usually find that its the people who are from somewhere else that I have a great relationship with. Those end up being my friends. The others I just take them or leave them. Makes no difference to me.

  • Kd

    U.S.= quantity. U.K.= quality

    • Elizabeth Mackey

      Really, how about my dulit toaster that is not working properly, and I can’t for the life of me get any service to fix it? My daughter is living in London right now and she has plenty of examples of non quality items!

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

      The quality here stinks because it comes from china. If something is made here in the US, which is few and far between, it is wonderfully made. I love things made in Britain, but I can’t find anything unless I pay a fortune for it. Can’t afford it. I’m talking about dishes, collectables, etc. When I can, I buy on line to get things and pay more since it is imported, but it is worth it.

    • Guest

      LOL… indeed. You never stop hearing about “fine English cuisine”. 😉

  • Kate

    A lot of these are actually things I don’t like about America, and reasons why I prefer the UK…

    • Brittany

      Me too.

  • jeanette318

    As a Brit, living in the U S for 40 years I don’t miss the miserable British weather and the negativity. Americans are much more accepting of Brits than the reverse!

    • daisysteiner

      Based on the responses here, that’s true. Having a family with both Americans and Brits, I love both. Too bad it’s not reciprocated. (again, based on the responses here)

      • sdgarman

        It hurts to read some of these responses. Especially, knowing how I anticipate one day visiting Britain. But if this is the reaction to our culture, maybe it would be best to leave Britain to itself. I have a long heritage there. My eleventh great grandfather was Lord Mayor of London. And he and his son were both knighted. My eleventh grandfather was jailed for not pledging allegiance to the the church of England and he died as a prisoner in the Tower of London Prison.
        I truly love the British culture, what little bit I know of it. It’s ok to not like everything about ours. I don’t necessarily like everything here, either, but I’m not insulting about others and their culture and way of life.

        • Expat

          Like the lists of US/UK likes and dislikes, they are, as Brits say, ‘spot on’. As someone who has lived and worked for many years in both the US and UK, I now CHOOSE to live in the UK. The culture here is unbeatable for personal freedom and tolerance.
          By the way, the main difference in bacon has to do with different habits in the way meat is butchered, not the pigs.

  • Pat

    I don’t really agree with most of these. Americans eat early, so fast food is the only option after 9 in most places. The portions of food in restaurants often verge on the obscene – you could feed a family for a week on a meal from the Cheesecake Factory. The “smiling service” is all fake – they need the tips / sale because they’re on minimum wage. Toilet seat covers are just the most obvious expression of an unnecessarily huge fear of germs. And the amount of bad TV is almost unimaginable.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nina.dee.10 Nina Dee

      Sorry to blow the Brit TV is Better myth. I love many a fine Brticom and drama, but there’s a lot of crap there too. But WGBH, A&E or HBO isn’t coproducing it, so it doesn’t get exported to the States. And while I’d happily pay taxes for better healthcare, I can’t fathom paying a tax on my color telly.

    • sdgarman

      I’m sorry you have such a serious case of doubt about people who are friendly and try to be welcoming. You wouldn’t want to tell me that straight to my face, because I would tell you that you are full of sh*&. I smile at people because I am truly a happy person. I smile all the time. I try to be very welcome to everyone I meet. I’m so sorry that your personality is that of a wet paper bag, and you can’t appreciate kindness and hospitality when you see it.
      I worked as a waitress for many years. I’m not rude, even when I don’t feel well, because, it s not anyone else’s fault that I’m having a crappy day. If I did, frown and not smile or speak, I can assure you, somebody else’s day would be extremely crappy themselves.

  • Rachel

    British television shows are so much better. Yes there are a few American shows that are great (currently). The films are good but America does have a handful of films that are very well done.

    Hamburgers in the UK are horrible but maybe I will consume them less.

    But Chips (french fries) are so much better.

    REAL FOOTBALL. NFL is very overrated, same with college football.

    History- much more expansive. American history gets dull. Same with politics.

    • Val

      This yank hates them both. Give me hockey any day;-).

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

      Depends on your mindset when you are reading the American History. I actually think we have the neatest History in the world. We have been blessed beyond belief for such a young nation. When you think about how small, and untrained our army was when we fought for independence, we still won it. And against a great empire at that. We were the underdogs and we came out on top. Our nation was designed from an idea, a concept. It has never been invaded and taken over by another country. Attempts have been made, but not successful. We are the givingest nation in the world. God help the rest of the world, if we don’t help out financially. We carry the rest of the world on our backs. Don’t see anyother nations giving as much as we do. What’s so dang boring about that? The idea here when the nation was being designed was to treat individuals like grown ups, the way God treats us, and give the individuals freedom of choice. We can choose to be good, productive citizens using what ever talents God gave us, or we could be just sorry and useless. I love the idea of being from England because it is part of my heritage. But, by God, I’m an American and proud of it. If we have assholes, their our assholes, and nobody elses. And nobody is allowed to mess with them. Now I’m off my soapbox.

  • Rachel

    I forgot. The U.K. is closer to European countries. So one weekend “hey let’s go to Paris or MAdrid or Croatia..” its so much easier to fly or take a train and cheaper too. IN USA it takes longer and expensive to fly from Texas to Vermont.

    • Tsveno

      Thanks for mentioning Vermont. This Southern-Vermonter would love to visit Texas!

      • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

        I love Texas too. I call it my second home. Was stationed there in the army and my little girl was born there. My daddy loved it there too. He pastored a church there many years ago. He always talked of Texas fondly. Guess that love runs in the blood.

  • Kimba

    Friendly folk? Seriously?! In the US? No, people in Britain are much friendlier. And TV? Hell no! That’s why we pay extra to get BBC America! I like the Royal Family & would much rather have the monarchy over our government, and I’ve been to plenty of tasty diners (and pubs) in the UK.

    • Sleamhain

      Nope, I disagree – Yanks are friendly; they smile; they are not uncomfortable starting conversations with strangers. British people often find Yanks a breath of fresh air and will respond in kind.

      • Pat Weiser

        That’s true. When I was in England, people didn’t talk much in public places, but being naturally gregarious, when I started talking, they would respond whole heartedly.

    • Kolohe

      When I was in the UK, people were really friendly! (I really do miss the people… And, the food! Give me a pastie any day–never did find a match on this side of the Atlantic). As for who is friendlier, I think it just depends on who you run into. Overall, I thought the people in the UK were friendlier, but that may be because I was lucky, or that I didn’t run across as many unpleasant people there. In the US, I’ve met really friendly people, and (unfortunately) some real stinkers. I’m sure that any place you go, there will be people of both groups… However, I guess I was just luckier with the people that I met in the UK.

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman

      Have you ever been down south in the US? You can’t find any friendlier faces anywhere. How do I know? Because I was born and raised there. I’ve lived all over the US. I absolutely love the deep south.

      • Sheila

        Having lived in the south for 37 years, to this I say GARBAGE! Southerners make a big deal about being polite, but it’s just a facade. If you’re not from their immediate area, you’re a “damn foreigner” and will be treated like garbage.

    • Colorado Bob

      I don’t know how to break this to you but the Royals are not the government in the UK.

  • Irene

    So glad somebody likes us!

    • http://twitter.com/Entropy__Photo Entropy Photo

      LOL. seriously. I just assume everyone hates us by now. Not without cause, I know…

  • Abstrak

    not all of us love the royal family. To a lot of us they are at the same level as kim kardashian. Mindless distraction and filler material for news casters that can’t report the news. I personally think that it’s an archaic tradition that should be disbanded. Unfortunately, there’s a Disney mind set among some of us.

    Also disagree on 7. Aside from a few shows that imitate the way you guys serialize things with a beginning middle and end. (breaking bad, Babylon 5, etc.) Studios want to milk shit for as long as they can. And it sucks.

  • Taino Girl

    As a general bit of info. Please do not forget the “Americas” had quite a rich history before any European touched our shores. Knocking the history of this land is quite insulting to us natives. We have had to deal with the government forced upon us all those years ago. There are plenty of tribes that still teach their history, invite visitors to their reservations, and are quite friendly to strangers. There are also those that are so weary of anyone not of their tribes, and rightfully so. They are still living in what amounts to a third world country, and the US government still takes anything of value they can get. On some of the reservations that includes their running water.
    I am sorry you have encountered rude folks, but please do not paint us all with that same brush. Not every person on these lands are “typical”.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IB4AIUMYZANQ3WRS27Z6XJ4DFY Buddy

      I agree my native american friend :) I personally honor your spirit and your close knit societies. I do not agree with how you were forced into a sort of seclusion but i would always welcome you into my home as bretheren

      • Taino Girl

        And I you Buddy. I think that is part of the problem we still fight on both sides in our same country. People here still think we deserved what we got. Add in not god fearing, and our refusal to convert to a European way of thinking, that our plight was well deserved. If you look above I still have someone that did not like my comment. People tell me that we are all just drunks that live off of white people. Amazing, as they put us where we are, and those that are stuck on a rez are trying to better their lives.

        • Sarah Spencer

          Another Native, here. I agree 100% Navajo/Apache from AZ. And yeah, the Navajo really got the short end of the stick with the whole coal thing. Plus we’ve got companies trying to get to the uranium under the Rez here!

  • Sleamhain

    Thanks! I’m glowing!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IB4AIUMYZANQ3WRS27Z6XJ4DFY Buddy

    The USA never had Monty Python, Mr Bean, Benny Hill or Fawlty Towers, however we did have Saturday Night Live, Mad TV and In Living Color

    • Taino Girl

      Ok, I have to agree with you in In Living Color! I really do like the Wayans brothers.

  • Patty123

    Re toilet seat covers – when I was in Chicago airport about 5 years ago I was super impressed by the automatic seat cover. Sort of like a sausage tube that came out of the wall, over and around the seat. You pressed a button on the wall, a clean portion came out, and the previously-sat-on piece disappeared into a wall recess. Hopefully it wasn’t just a short loop on continual rotation!

    • Martha Turner

      No, not continual rotation. The used one gets shredded.

    • http://www.facebook.com/susan.p.garman Susan Pope Garman


  • fred58

    I have traveled a little and loved England only exceptions. is the food bland. I found most people to be engaging. We may have more TV and Movies but England seems to do dramas much better. Loved the train system and got around London without needing a car.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marialtaylor Maria Taylor

    Drive-thru everything -from banks to pharmacies, I don’t have to get out of my car and walk ten metres into an establishment! Lazy as it sounds (and is), this is actually most handy when you have a napping child in the backseat. Thank You America x

  • Surrey

    I agree with most of the list, though not quite so enthusiastically, except for number 1. The gargantuan portions of everything, from restaurant meals to popcorn and soda, are ridiculous, unnecessary, and probably the main reason for the obesity epidemic!

  • Jez

    What a load of old crap!

  • Jez

    Here in America most of us are two-faced. They act nice, but once you turn your back they talk about you and your culture/country. The nicest people I’ve met were foreigners.

  • gn

    Having always been a bit of a
    night owl, I’ve always loved 24 hour supermarkets. However I didn’t realize how much I appreciated them until I was visiting family in England, my screaming baby had finally gone to sleep at 12:05 am on a Sunday morning, and I attempted to get some food and baby supplies from an allegedly “24 hour” Tescos.

  • Guest

    Well its not my list of things I love about the US.
    Here are some of my favorites
    1: Superheroes. Where would we be without our spandex cousins to lift us from peril?2: Trailer parks. I would miss the 42 exciting channels of documentaries on cable featuring these interesting folk.3: Kraft: Because they saved Cadbury’s4: Canada: Its close by.5: Warp speed. I wish we had it over here. That and transporters. The US are so lucky.6: US dictionary. The letter Z (zee is so under used in the UK)
    7: The worlds largest ball of twine. We don’t have that. Not as many white crosses either.
    8: Desperate Housewives. All super models in the US
    9: Cowboys. Better than UK ones who can’t build houses.
    10: Superiority: You have that in abundance.

    • Relax Max

      WE act superior? Listen to your sarcastic self.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ericbfg Eric Perry

    Well its not my list of things I love about the US.
    Here are some of my favorites
    1: Superheroes. Where would we be without our spandex cousins to lift us from peril?
    2: Trailer parks. I would miss the 42 exciting channels of documentaries on cable featuring these interesting folk.
    3: Kraft: Because they saved Cadbury’s
    4: Canada: Its close by
    5: Warp speed. I wish we had it over here. That and transporters. The US are so lucky.
    6: US dictionary. The letter Z (zee is so under used in the UK)
    7: The worlds largest ball of twine. We don’t have that. Not as many white crosses either.
    8: Desperate Housewives. All super models in the US
    9: Cowboys. Better than UK ones who can’t build houses.
    10: Superiority: You have that in abundance.

  • http://twitter.com/Satisfyme34 Kelly Ferrell

    I would have to agree with Kathryn Kelly’s top ten list, well minus #5 and #6 (I don’t do seafood and British food to me is bland~no seasoning). I would have to disagree with Kimba. I’m sorry but it is not the Americans who are rude, it is the British (NOT ALL-some). I went to school in England and never in my life have I ever been bumped into, and stepped on so many times without an “EXCUSE ME” or “I’M SORRY” as I was in England. JUST RUDE! My British friends also told me if I smile (being nice) and say hello to a stranger in England they may think your crazy. Also the pay toilets….that has to go, I mean I know the reasoning behind them (keep the bums out) but really? I have to pay to go to the toilet? Who does this? Ah well, different strokes for different folks I guess.

    • Martha Turner

      The US used to have pay toilets.

  • rsevan

    This blog is truly awful, the Royal family is a tradition spanning years of history, before even America was known to the world. I’m not the biggest fan of the Royal family but it brings in huge revenue for the tourist industry in the UK, so it’s actually good for the economy. How can you simply write them off?? The UK has some of the best and most creative TV in the world. Outstanding comedy and documentaries, great work which is not interrupted by commercials for fast food (the way the food is grown/reared in the US is awful) and drugs every 5 minutes. Don’t get me wrong I love America, I live here and I’m from the UK, there are differences but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. And where did you eat ‘flaccid chips and grey peas’?? You obviously went to the wrong chippy!

  • Whovian26

    Numbers 3 and 6 are definitely not valid in NYC. But us New Yorkers love our city almost more than we love Doctor Who.

  • Kate

    Recent visit to Chicago O’Hare airport showed an upgrade on paper toilet seats. They have clingfilm covers that automatically rotate to a fresh patch when you wave your hand in front of it. It’s like Sci-fi

  • Terry Ferraro

    I have to say I don’t agree with all of the above especially about the size of our meals here in the US. That is why a lot of us are obese. Not a good thing. Also, sorry, but I love your royalty. Wish we had it.

  • Ralph Malph

    I have to add the British sit-coms, nature shows and history programs to Kathryn’s list. The comment about American TV “outshines” the rest mystifies me- I see most American series TV now falling into 3 mail plot lines- murder, rape and/or robbery. Not my ideal of good entertainment, but I realize that I am in the minority.

  • Gila Monster

    As a Brit living in the USA for 30+ years these are the 3 things I enjoy the most:
    1. The space and the scenery – the US has a spectacular and varied scenery and so much of it is still (relatively) empty
    2. Optimism – Americans are generally very positive about the future (less so now than when I first arrived) and definitely more so than most Europeans
    3. Summed up by the bumper sticker ‘Question Authority’ – Americans are much readier to question the current ways and norms. Just because that was the way something was done does not mean it is still valid or the best way of doing it.


    As an american that visited England, because I wanted to see if everything i felt about it was true, and it is btw, I totally agee with KK on her list. Can’t wait to go back to see more!!!

  • Meadia66

    The Beatles and Stones on the English side, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Muddy Waters on the U. S. side, Enough said.

  • Ellie

    The only thing that I can say is that some of the most interesting, funny TV shows that I like to watch faithfully usually feature people buzzing off in cars that have the steering wheel on the right and they always seem to be stopping for a spot of tea in Royal Albert tea cups.

  • http://twitter.com/zayshell Cat Richards

    You might find it entertaining to note that some people refer to toilet seat covers as ass gaskets.

  • Marc

    11. Chevrolet Corvettes. Brits love to hire them when they are here. Too much power and too much fun!

  • Carol

    The royal family is Britain’s greatest asset. Too bad you can appreciate what they do for your country…tourism!

  • $26050503

    This is very sweet but outside of big cities you’re not going to get pizza or a drugstore open at 4 AM. Even a city like Boston doesn’t have too much of that. Just sayin’–as we say.

  • Camilla Parker Bowles

    I love how Americans are more attractive than us British.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jemell.moore.kilo Jemell Moore

    Jemell Moore I Love America! http://youtu.be/6mbYUo8KL4U