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10 Things That Will Make a Homesick Brit Sob – and How To Cope

Longing for your native land and its people is one of the biggest strains of resettling abroad. And homesickness can strike hours, days, months or even years after you first hop aboard a plane without a return ticket.

10 Things That Are Pricier in the U.S. Than in Britain

Anyone who tells you that the cost of living in the U.S. is much lower than back home is sadly mistaken. If you’re coming to America, prepare to feel the pinch.

10 Things That Are Cheaper in the U.S. Than in Britain

The cost of living in America depends on your location. But wherever you are, some products are reliably cheaper than back home. 

10 Tips for Brits on Surviving the U.S. Healthcare System

As you may have gathered from this summer’s furor over the Supreme Court’s healthcare verdict of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the subject of what to do if you fall ill in the U.S.

Bye-bye M&S, Hello Whole Foods: U.S. Shop Substitutes for British Expats

Many of your favorite British stores also have branches in the U.S. But you’ll need to find replacements for those that haven’t yet hopped across the pond. To help you out, here are our top shop alternatives.

10 Things British Expats Will Miss About the UK

Ditch Blighty for the U.S., and you may find yourself longing for the best of British.

1. Marmite Actually, you can sometimes find the delicious brown gloop in U.

10 Ways To Find Other British Expats Near You

So you’ve arrived in the U.S. and are trying to get to grips with everything.

10 Ways to Make Friends and Influence People in the U.S.

Want to avoid a lot of long nights sobbing into TV dinners for one? Here’s how to make fast friends in America.

A Brit’s Guide to the Fourth of July

Until I moved to Los Angeles I was only vaguely aware of “the Fourth”, and I’m sure there are plenty of Brits new to the U.S.