Monthly Archives: June 2012

10 Practical Items Every UK Expat Needs in America

Want to make the transition from U.K. resident to U.S. dweller a little easier? Buy everything on our handy list.

This Isn’t a Hotel, Luv: Handling Friends Who Overstay Their Welcome

When a friend’s cute baby vandalizes your cute outfit with its bodily fluids, you calculate, guiltily, the point at which you can hand it back without offending anyone. Similarly, when you move to another country and your friends …

10 People You Need to Know in Your American Neighborhood

Want to feel like an old hand in your new land? Identify the clued-up locals who can help you with everything – from fixing a leaky tap to providing your daily caffeine hit.

How to Handle your American Landlord

In the interest of full disclosure I should probably tell you that my current landlord is one of the good ones. A+++. I’d recommend him to a friend.

Adventures in Laundry: How to Do Your Washing in Urban America

Whenever I arrive home, there’s this stink. But only now, seven months after moving to Brooklyn, have I worked out what it is. Or rather, what it isn’t: laundry.

Where Are You Watching Euro Cup 2012? L.A.-Based Brit Weighs In

With the Jubilee just over and the Olympics on the horizon, you’d think that L.A.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: The View From America

What did this Brooklyn-based expat do for the Diamond Jubilee? Went to Ikea and bought a shelf, since you ask.

Photos: How Brits in Los Angeles, New York Celebrated the Jubilee