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How to Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in New York

NYC-based Brits may not get a four-day weekend but you can still sate your inner royalist by heading to a host of Queen-themed parties and events taking place up and down this splendid city, starting Saturday, June 2.

How to Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in Los Angeles

In the city of movie stars and swimming pools, it’s probably true to say that Queen Elizabeth II‘s 60th Jubilee celebration isn’t big news. Everyone likes to hear about Will and Kate of course, but on the whole it’s the …

How to Build a Credit Rating in the U.S. – One Option

Gone are the days when you could ask the landlord to put it on the slate or tell the restaurant manager that you’ll pay the next time you’re in. That kind of trust takes years to build up anywhere, and right now you’re just …

WATCH: April Bloomfield Shows Us How to Prepare Lamb Chops with Chimichurri

In the third part of Anglophenia’s series profiling British chefs in New York – see our previous installments with Nobu’s Matt Hoyle and Chip Shop’s Chris Sell – culinary rock star April Bloomfield shows us …

10 Things Brits Do That Drive Americans Nuts

You might think that you come off all charmingly Alan Rickman or Emma Thompson, but don’t think Americans aren’t incensed by bits of your Britishness.

10 Things Americans Do That Drive Brits Nuts

American people are some of the loveliest you’ll ever meet and make us expats feel all warm, cuddly and very welcome. But just occasionally they do or say something that we Brits find a tad… eccentric.

WATCH: Interview with Chris Sell, British Founder of New York’s Chip Shop

Anglophenia, Mind the Gap’s mother blog, has been zipping around New York City, interviewing British chefs who have achieved culinary stardom in the the most competitive city on the planet.

Eight Ways to Find Employment in America

Considering we’re stuck in a super-size economic black hole, some would say you’re more likely to find pixies at the bottom of your garden than a new job in this lousy market. Make that pixies and unicorns if you’re a foreign …