Season 2 Episodes

Episode 12

The Fires of Idirsholas

As Morgause and her inhuman Knights attack a helpless Camelot, Merlin’s loyalties are stretched to the limit.

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Episode 13

The Last Dragonlord

When the Great Dragon attacks Camelot, Merlin must go on an epic journey to find the one man who can defeat the monster.

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Episode 11

The Witch's Quickening

Merlin sees a shocking new side to Morgana when Mordred returns to Camelot asking for her help.

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Episode 10

Sweet Dreams

Camelot is thrown into chaos when a rival king puts a spell on Arthur in an attempt to start war.

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Episode 9

The Lady of the Lake

Merlin meets a kindred spirit but his new friendship is threatened when a deadly magical beast
attacks Camelot.

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Episode 8

The Sins of the Father

A mysterious warrior arrives in Camelot, sending Arthur on a quest that could change his life

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Episode 7

The Witchfinder

Uther summons a witchfinder to Camelot to root out magic once and for all. Will Merlin and Morgana be sent to the flames?

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Episode 6

Beauty and the Beast II

Merlin must reveal that Camelot’s new Queen is a troll before she destroys the kingdom.

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Episode 5

Beauty and the Beast

Uther is delighted when the Lady Catrina arrives in Camelot but Merlin is concerned, fearing
their new guest is actually a troll.

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Episode 4

Lancelot and Guinevere

When Gwen is kidnapped Arthur defies the King to go to her rescue, but someone else gets
there first: Lancelot.

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Episode 3

The Nightmare Begins

When Morgana begins to fear she might have magic, Merlin puts both their lives at risk to get her the help she needs.

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Episode 2

The Once and Future Queen

Merlin helps Arthur disguise his identity to enter a jousting tournament, little knowing that a deadly assassin has arrived in Camelot to kill the Prince.

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Episode 1

The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

Deep beneath Camelot an ancient evil stirs and Merlin must risk his very soul to save the kingdom from destruction.

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