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The Beginning of the End

When a Druid and his young apprentice are caught in Camelot, the terrified pair make a desperate bid for freedom, with guards in hot pursuit. Throughout the chase, Merlin hears the boy’s telepathic cries for help. Unsure what is happening, he is increasingly concerned but feels compelled to help the terrified child – he realises, he must hide him.  Merlin ushers the child inside the nearest door, only to find Morgana and Gwen there.  To his surprise, when the guards knock on the door, Morgana covers for the boy and the guards pass.

Merlin goes to the Great Dragon to ask him about the boy – he wants to know why he called him ‘Emrys’ – the Dragon tells Merlin that it is his name in the Druid tongue. There is much written about the young sorcerer – he has been prophesied. Merlin is stunned. He asks the Dragon if the boy is like him, does his magic have a purpose? The Great Dragon warns Merlin that the boy is dangerous, whatever he does, Merlin must not protect him.