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The Dragon's Call

Merlin, a young country boy, arrives at the great bustling city of Camelot. He hurries to join a lively crowd that has gathered in the main square. A young man is led to the gallows, found guilty of practicing magic and sentenced to death. The axe falls, but the roar of approval is interrupted by an old crone who warns King Uther that he has taken her son, and in revenge she will take his.

Merlin meets a fiery young man practicing his combat skills. Merlin watches on with some amusement as the young man makes fun of his manservant, but when the joke goes too far, Merlin steps in. The young bully sets about humiliating Merlin and challenges him to a duel.  Unable to use magic, Merlin is made to look a fool. Upset by his impotence he takes a swipe at his aggressor.  The young man tells him that he is going to have him thrown in jail.  Merlin reacts “Oh yeah, who are you – the king?”  The young man smiles “No, I’m his son, Arthur.”