Season 1 Episodes

Episode 10

The Moment of Truth

Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen join forces to save Merlin’s village from a ruthless group of bandits.

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Episode 13

Morte D’Arthur

As Arthur’s life hangs in the balance, Merlin is the only one who can save him – but at what cost?

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Episode 12

To Kill the King

When Gwen suffers tragedy at Uther’s hand, Morgana becomes hell bent on revenge.

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Episode 11

The Labyrinth of Gedref

When Arthur kills a unicorn, a curse descends on Camelot. Could this be the end for the mythic city?

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Episode 9


A mysterious Knight rises from the dead, uncovering a secret that Uther would rather stayed buried.

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Episode 8

The Beginning of the End

Merlin is forced to choose between a young Druid’s life and his destiny to protect Arthur.

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Episode 7

The Gates of Avalon

When Arthur becomes besotted with a mysterious girl, he stands to lose more than just his heart.

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Episode 6

A Remedy to Cure All Ills

When a rival physician comes to town, Gaius has to choose between Uther’s life and keeping Merlin’s secret.

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Episode 5


A young man arrives in Camelot. His name? Lancelot.

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Episode 4

The Poisoned Chalice

When Merlin is poisoned by Nimueh, Arthur must travel to the darkest part of the Kingdom to save his friends life.

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Episode 3

The Mark of Nimueh

A magical plague sweeps through Camelot. The search is on for the sorcerer responsible.

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Episode 2


A Knight with a shield of magical snakes arrives in Camelot with one mission; to kill Arthur.

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Episode 1

The Dragon's Call

With the arrival of a young warlock in Camelot a legend is born, Merlin.

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