When Merlin, a young man with extraordinary magical powers, arrives in the dangerous world of Camelot he quickly discovers that his gifts could cost him his life. But under the guidance of King Uther Pendragon’s wise old physician, Gaius, he learns to survive and finds himself working as manservant to Uther’s headstrong heir, Prince Arthur. As he unearths Camelot’s deepest, darkest secrets, Merlin’s journey – and his destiny – becomes inextricably linked to that of Arthur.

About Colin Morgran

You'd be forgiven for thinking Colin Morgan was born to play the part of history's most famous sorcerer. He was warming up for the role when he was just three.

Born and raised in Armagh, he came from a family with no background in acting whatsoever. His mother is a nurse and his father is a painter and decorator. But, as his early magic shows testified, he had a burning desire to perform from an early age.

After studying at the Belfast Institute he went to the RSAMD in Glasgow. He went for an audition for a role in Vernon God Little, the stage adaptation of DCB Pierre's Booker winning novel. Almost immediately he was cast in two other plays.

Television roles in "The Catherine Tate Show" and "Doctor Who" soon followed.