Great Dragon

Great Dragon

Imprisoned in the caves beneath Camelot, the Great Dragon is one of the last and most powerful links with the old magic, which King Uther wants to suppress. As the only one in Camelot who knows Merlin’s true destiny, the dragon forms a strong relationship with the young wizard, acting as a mentor and guide to the mysteries of sorcery and its dark past.

About John Hurt

At this stage in his long and illustrious career, it's rare that John Hurt gets a chance to break new acting ground. But his performance as the voice of the Great Dragon in Merlin took him into uncharted territory, not once, but twice.
John Hurt is a legendary actor who is well-known for his roles in "I, Claudius," "The Elephant Man," "Midnight Express" and the movie "Alien."

Surprisingly, despite having worked in more than 100 movies and countless television series, this is Hurt's first foray into drama based on the Arthurian legend.

The CGI-generated dragon that designers at special effects house The Mill (the Oscar-winning team behind the "Gladiator" and "Doctor Who" ) created has been built around Hurt's own, distinctive features.