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Thursday, December 17

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Episode 1

Luther returns to investigate a twisted fetishist who is murdering women in a horrific echo of an unsolved case from the 1980s.

The team must put all their resources into finding the copycat killer, whose murderous spree has only just begun.

Luther’s focus is divided when a reluctant Detective Superintendent Schenk assigns him to another case – a malicious Internet tormentor has been found murdered in his home. Pulled in every direction, Luther’s patience is wearing thin. As he rushes to the second crime scene a car crash is the last thing he needs – or so he thinks, until he sets eyes on the beautiful Mary Day.

But nothing ever comes easily for John Luther. Other forces are at work against him in the shape of Detective Chief Inspector Erin Gray and her boss, Detective Superintendent Stark. Stark and Gray will stop at nothing to punish those who work outside the perimeters of the law.