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Thursday, December 17

DS Justin Ripley

DS Justin Ripley

Detective Sergeant Ripley is young, ambitious and eager.  He completely idolizes Luther. Their work styles are very different but both strive for one common goal: Nailing the bad guys.

Justin studied forensic psychology and criminology to post-graduate level and has a textbook knowledge of the last 50 years of crime-solving history. In the sequel, Ripley joins the new Serious and Serial Unit and remains unwaveringly loyal to his boss — but he has his own ideas about what’s right and what’s not.

Ripley spent a year as Luther‘s wingman and he’s aware that while Luther burns brightly, those who stand too close are liable to get burned. Can he keep on turning a blind eye to Luther’s methods or will he be forced to challenge Luther’s decisions?

About Warren Brown

Warren has also appeared in "Hollyoaks," "Shameless" and "Occupation."