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Thursday, December 17

Frank Hodge

Frank Hodge

Frank moves with the easy menace of an ex-cop because that’s what he was. He is tough and incredibly loyal. He is the man Baba gets to change a plug or dispose of a body. For Frank, working for Baba is just a job, most of the time he sees the violence as unnecessary and is the steadying influence on Toby.

He is Toby’s minder and mentor; the voice of wisdom that blind youth and psychotic tendencies won’t listen to. Frank’s menace stems from his efficiency and ability, yet he also displays qualities of benevolence that make him uncomfortably likable.

About Alan Williams

Alan Williams' extensive theater work includes the role of Kemp in "Vigil" at the Arts Club in Vancouver for which he was awarded Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. He has also starred in many film and television dramas such as "London Boulevard," "Vera Drake," "Bright Young Things," "Shameless," and "Spooks."

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