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Thursday, December 17

Benny Silver

Benny Silver

Benny is more comfortable with a console than a conversation, which makes him a bit of a recluse. He’s commonly known within the unit as Benny Deadhead, due to his somewhat laid back approach to life. But he’s an exemplary hacker and what he doesn’t know about computers and technology just isn’t worth knowing.

Benny’s reputation and the hours he’s contracted by the SSU have sharply risen recently as technology becomes an increasingly important factor in crime solving. Rarely a case goes by when Luther doesn’t need Benny’s infinite knowledge of trivia and his high-tech expertise.

About Michael Smiley

Michael Smiley's recent work includes Pringle in Ben Wheatley's award-winning "Down Terrace" and Paterson in John Landis' "Burke and Hare." He will soon start filming "Macrobane," starring Nick Frost. An international stand-up comedian, he is currently working on his one-man show, "Immigrant."

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