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Thursday, December 17

Alice Morgan

Alice Morgan

Alice Morgan is beautiful, extraordinarily intelligent and dangerous. She’s introduced as a key witness in Luther‘s first investigation. Luther, however, quickly discovers she is not as innocent as she seems.

A celebrated child genius, Alice completed her PhD in astrophysics at the age of 18 and worked at a London university as a research fellow. She’s spent her life feeling different, special and freakish. For Alice, human existence is insignificant and life is futile and senseless – which is why she felt compelled to murder her own mother and father.

Luther has never been able to convict Alice and they’ve subsequently formed a strange and uneasy friendship. In the sequel, balance has shifted and it’s Alice who needs Luther’s help and support.

Actor Ruth Wilson reveals what is going on in Alice Morgan’s brilliant mind. “She doesn’t interact in the same way other people do – she has no empathy, she doesn’t feel things in the same way, so she doesn’t feel the consequences of her actions. She has complete fun in the world that she lives in.”

About Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson has also starred in "Jane Eyre," "Small Island," and "The Prisoner."