Episode 6


When the biological parents of a two-year-old child are put on trial for the murder of the adoptive father, one of a gay couple, Kate must look into her own past do discover what motives are at play.

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Episode 5


As Sam and Ronnie investigate the suspect death of an elderly woman, evidence initially points to the caretaker… until they discover the granddaughter stands to profit from her grandmother’s death.

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Episode 4

Fatherly Love

When the body of a wealthy woman is pulled from the river, Sam and Ronnie focus their inquiries on the victim’s abusive ex-husband – until the investigation takes an odd twist.

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Episode 3


When a man is found dead in a hotel room, Ronnie and Sam discover that he owed his ex-wife thousands in child support for their dying son.

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Episode 2


As the investigation into the death of the suicidal man unfolds, DS Sam Casey is suspended, setting him on a dangerous path of self-destruction. Meanwhile, Jake Thorne gets to know his new sidekick the feisty Kate Barker.

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Episode 1


A suicidal man kills several people when he causes a catastrophic train crash. Crown Prosecutor Jake Thorne is not happy when his boss introduces him to prosecutor Alesha Philips’ replacement.

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