Episode 1

The Wrong Man

The death of Suzanne Morton, who arrived at the ER with flu-like symptoms and died four hours later, is suspicious to DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin.

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Episode 2


When two-year-old Ryan Stark goes missing from a High Street merry-go-round, his distraught mother reports him kidnapped and a massive police hunt is launched.

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Episode 3


A call girl, Katka Cizek, is found dead lying in a pool of blood, and all evidence points to one admirer as her killer.

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Episode 4

Tick Tock

Ronnie and Matt are racing against the clock as they try to track down a Bonnie-and-Clyde-type duo on a gun rampage through the streets of London.

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Episode 5


The killings of David and Elaine Lerner, stabbed to death in their sleep, prove a mystery to Ronnie and Matt.

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Episode 6


The team struggles to understand the involvement of 12-year-old Kaden Blake in the gang-related shooting of mother and caretaker Lia Brown.

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Episode 7

Survivor's Guilt

A drive-by shooting outside the Old Bailey leaves one police officer dead and another wounded in what appears to be a targeted attack on a witness in an attempted murder trial.

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Episode 8


A bungled robbery leads to an innocent hero being shot dead and a hostage with a potentially life threatening medical condition being seized by two armed gunmen.

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Episode 9


When a petty criminal makes a deathbed confession to the murder of a teenage girl, Ronnie is left shaken to the core.

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Episode 10


The murder of an elderly janitor in his home is carried out with such precision and planning that the only evidence the killer leaves is designed to lead the detectives around in circles.

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Episode 11

Line Up

A murder investigation is launched when a concerned citizen alerts the police to a shocking video that is spreading like wildfire on the web.

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Episode 12

Dusk Till Dawn

Over the course of one long day, the team works on three separate cases.

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Episode 13

Fault Lines

The frenzied stabbing of a police forensic lab technician unsettles the team in a way they never expected.

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