Episode 13


The finale of season 2 is a whirlwind of action as our team pursues a serial killer across London.

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Episode 12


At first glance, the murder of has-been footballer Robbie Nichols on the street one evening looks like a random robbery gone wrong.

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Episode 11

Duty of Care

The death of a teenage boy with severe disabilities who had been taunted and bullied for years seems like an open and shut case for the prosecution.

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Episode 10


An unfolding tragedy takes on unexpected twists and turns as what initially looks like the cot death of 6-month-old Alex Raines is later diagnosed as shaken baby syndrome.

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Episode 9


A high court judge is shot in what looks like a car robbery gone wrong.

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Episode 8


The brutal and cold blooded murder of a pregnant doctor in the car-park of the hospital where she works leads our heroes to places they never could have imagined.

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Episode 7


“Anonymous” tells the story of a cyber-stalker whose victim is desperate to have the police take her case seriously. But when …

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Episode 6


The mystery surrounding the stabbing of a student, Archie Rahman, has cops chasing their tails.

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Episode 5


When investigating the murder of a prison officer, Matt and Ronnie discover he wasn’t quite the respected member of Her Majesty’s Prison Service that his colleagues have described.

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Episode 4


Trying to find the killer of police sergeant Pete Garvey proves all the more harrowing for Matt who knew Pete not only as a colleague but as a childhood friend.

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Episode 3


When three people are brutally murdered in a shop in central London and a fourth left for dead, Matt and Ronnie are up against the clock to find the killer.

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Episode 2


Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel pursues a recently released convicted serial rapist whom he believes to be guilty of further offenses since his release.

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Episode 1


The terrifying CCTV image of a toddler being led to his death haunts the team.

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