Episode 13

Honor Bound

Ronnie agrees to help his old friend and partner, DS Jimmy Valentine, in an undercover drug sting.

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Episode 12

Love and Loss

Ronnie and Matt are called to the death of a teenager.

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Episode 11


Ronnie and Matt suspect organ trafficking when a man is attacked and his kidney is stolen.

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Episode 10

Community Service

When a homeless man is found beaten nearly to death with an iron bar in the park at the center of a well-kept square, Ronnie and Matt investigate.

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Episode 9


When the body of a missing ten-year-old schoolgirl is found, Ronnie and Matt investigate an emotionally charged child abduction.

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Episode 8


A tragic communication error leaves a gay police officer caught in the cross-fire of armed drug-dealers with no back-up.

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Episode 7


When an eminent doctor is accused of sexually assaulting his patients, Ronnie and Matt are faced with their most challenging case yet.

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Episode 6


An arson attack on a Turkish social club claims seventeen lives and Ronnie and Matt must race against time to find the person responsible.

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Episode 5


The discovery of a child’s body, buried inside a wall for 20 years, leads to a harrowing and emotional case for Ronnie and Matt.

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Episode 4


The past comes back to haunt James when a body is found on the banks of the Thames.

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Episode 3


The brutal murder of an ex-policeman leads Ronnie and Matt through the seedy side of London to a surprise murder suspect.

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Episode 2


he death of a teenager, brutally beaten, leads Ronnie and Matt through a tangled web of family loyalties.

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Episode 1


When a body is found at a London hospital, Ronnie and Matt investigate an emotionally charged death.

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