Episode 1

La Galleria 33, Pt. 1

Sisters Rita and Lisa opened up La Galleria 33 in Boston in 2006 after working at the family restaurant. Can they continue their father’s legacy?

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Episode 2

La Galleria 33, Pt. 2

In the premiere episode, Chef Ramsay found that the owners of La Galleria 33 drink and smoke on the job, and the food is no better. Can he save this downtrodden Italian restaurant?

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Episode 3

Mama Maria's

Chef Ramsay heads to Brooklyn, New York, to save a 55-year-old restaurant that has fallen to the wayside after the death of its owner’s father.

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Episode 4

Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine

Chef Ramsay visits Ms. Jean’s Southern Cuisine in Wilkinsburg, PA, which is run by retired special education teacher Jean Gould.

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Episode 5

Barefoot Bob's

Barefoot Bob’s is a successful beachside grill, but they struggle to stay open in the winter months. Can Chef Ramsay help this seasonal restaurant stay open year-round?

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Episode 6

Olde Hitching Post

Tom Kessaris bought out Olde Hitching Post in Hanson, MA to hand over to his daughter, Andrea, but he never fully gave her control. Chef Ramsay is on the case.

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Episode 7

Levanti's Italian Restaurant

Competition has driven the brother-and-sister team that run Levanti’s insane. Can Chef Ramsay save the family establishment?

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Episode 8

Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room

The staff at Sam’s Mediterranean Grille are constantly fighting each other, even in front of customers. Gordon Ramsay helps the owner make peace.

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Episode 9

Nino's Italian Restaurant

Chef Ramsay heads to Long Beach, CA, to help an Italian restaurant through a transition of new owners.

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Episode 10

Mill Street Bistro, Part 1

Chef Gordon Ramsay travels to Norwalk, OH, to visit Mill Street Bistro in the first part of a special two-part episode.

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Episode 11

Mill Street Bistro, Part 2

Chef Ramsay continues to come head-to-head with Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy over the quality of food in his restaurant.

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Episode 12


Chef Ramsay goes to Washington to help a young man run his father’s Greek restaurant.

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Episode 13

Prohibition Grille

Chef Ramsay extends a helping hand to Rishi Brown, a professional belly dancer turned restaurant owner who is unaware that her head chef is ruining her restaurant.

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Episode 14


John and Starr Champan’s last restaurant was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Can Chef Ramsay help them find new success in Nashville?

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Episode 15

Amy's Baking Company

Chef Ramsay helps a couple navigate through the treacherous waters of customer complaints at Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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