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El Greco

El Greco is a Greek restaurant in the heart of the college town of Austin, Texas, run by Jake and his mother. Jake decided later in life to go to culinary school to become a chef and his mother, Athina, helped him open the restaurant with an investment. They also invited Athina’s sister, Kiki, from Greece to come over and help run the restaurant.

When the restaurant first opened, it was a huge success for eight months with lines running out the door. It wasn’t until they changed the way they cooked by introducing Chef ‘Mike’ aka the microwave that their food quality started to decline and customer flow dropped off. Now, not only are there staff issues, but Jack and his mother fight constantly in front of the customers. To add, they are in major debt and on the verge of closing. Can Jake and Athina get along and do what’s required to get their restaurant back on its feet?