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Al and Gaye Wilson started Michon’s 21 years ago and named it after their daughter Natalie Michon Wilson. Natalie has been working with her parents for nine years in the business, but in the last few years the restaurant has lost its way. They have a cooking staff and wait staff that are constantly at opposite ends, and while they used to be known for their smoked meats they don’t even cook their meats fresh anymore. They still smoke their meats, but end up serving that food the next day instead of serving it fresh to the tables.

Al is getting older and having a lot of heath problems so he can’t take control of things like in the old days, but the restaurant is in desperate need of a leader. Natalie doesn’t really have a voice at the restaurant but she needs to step up and take over for her father. This restaurant is falling more and more in debt and someone needs to take charge to get it back to the days of serving the best smoked meats in town.